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Comprehensive Pre-K Curriculum

Our standards-aligned Pre-K curriculum reinvents early education. Merging the best of digital technology and hands-on experiences, Quaver Pre-K offers comprehensive early childhood development.

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Quaver Pre-K students clapping and smiling at each other

Interactive Content

Appropriate use of technology can enhance cognitive and social learning in young children. Quaver Pre-K has recorded stories and movement videos to engage young learners and teach them the importance of digital literacy.

Laptop showing Quaver Pre-K spanish lyrics

Dual-Language Resources

Accommodate all young learners by displaying interactive screens in English or Spanish. Quaver Pre-K provides both English and authentic Spanish versions of 140 songs, 64 popular children’s books, and 8 Quaver original storybooks.

Quaver Pre-K Classroom Set

Hands-On Materials

In addition to our online resources, we offer hardcopy books and manipulatives that support our curriculum.

Take Your Pre-K Class to the Next Level

Bring Learning to Life with a Comprehensive Pre-K Curriculum

Our curriculum combines academic, social, and emotional domains to create a holistic learning experience. With a focus on stimulating themes, our curriculum captures the essence of prekindergarten learning, making it both enjoyable and effective.

Young learners attentively listening to their teacher while smiling.
teacher and young learns clapping hands during a Quaver Pre-K interactive lesson

Navigate the Day with Ease through Structured Lessons

Utilize our structured daily lessons to create a balanced environment that merges learning with play. Our digital guide offers you the flexibility to customize the day’s lessons, catering to each child’s unique needs.

Access Tools to Enhance Your Teaching Experience

Our robust program provides you with the resources needed to deliver engaging and effective instruction. From a digital assessment monitor to a family portal, Quaver Pre-K aims to support you and your learners’ needs.

Teacher on laptop looking at the Quaver Pre-K teacher toolbox

Funding for Quaver Pre-K

Learn how to use your Title funding to purchase high-quality instructional materials.

The Power of Music in Pre-K

Introduce young learners to new concepts with engaging music videos. These catchy songs are a powerful way to reinforce understanding.

Our culturally diverse resources represent ALL learners.

What Teachers Have to Say About Quaver Pre-K

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Quaver Pre-K has been such an added bonus this year. I use it for calendar time, storytime, whole group instruction, and motivation. I cannot brag enough about the ease and usefulness of the online learning component.”

Cynthia Walden
Cotton Center ISD, TX
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“This has been the best start I have ever had as a PE teacher. This curriculum has been a game-changer.”

Sam Watkins
Elementary PE Teacher

Quaver Pre-K Curriculum Evaluation

The Quaver Pre-K curriculum was reviewed by Jessica Lawson-Adams, PhD. As an Education and Research Consultant, she shares the ways Quaver Pre-K excels in providing age-appropriate unit themes with detailed lessons and activities. According to her, some of the most notable features of the curriculum are the high-quality videos, games, and songs.


To inquire about purchasing Quaver Pre-K, contact the Sales Team here. A Sales Director will reach out to you with your pricing options. Often, they’ll get in touch with your district administrator as well to determine what plan is right for you.

The cost of Quaver Pre-K depends on the type of license you need. The type of license is determined by factors such as the length of time and the number of teacher accounts. 

Once you contact your Sales Director, he or she will share your options with you.

You can also learn about funding options here.

Yes! You can sign up for a 30-day preview here and try Quaver Pre-K for free.

Quaver Pre-K is very user-friendly. We also offer training to make sure you feel comfortable with the product.

While Quaver Pre-K includes a rich set of digital tools, interactive lessons, and multimedia resources, it is more than a digital curriculum. It also includes tangible physical materials such as books, manipulatives, posters, and more!

Moreover, Quaver Pre-K offers a comprehensive approach to prekindergarten education that covers ten essential learning domains, integrating academic, social, and emotional learning. The curriculum also supports at-home learning and provides extensive professional development opportunities for educators.

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