Comprehensive Pre-K Curriculum

An Innovative New Way to Teach Pre-K

Quaver Pre-K harnesses the power of technology to enhance what is possible in early childhood education. Our curriculum combines online tools for teaching and instruction with hands-on experiences to engage children in experiential learning.

  • Appropriate Technology Engagement: Studies show that appropriate use of technology can enhance cognitive and social learning in young children. Children today are familiar with technology and even drawn to it! 
  • Learning through Play: Quaver Pre-K balances purposeful interactivity with offline engagement to encourage creativity, exploration, and play in an integrated classroom environment.
  • Lessons Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime: Quaver Pre-K supports in-person, hybrid, and distance learning scenarios. Teaching and planning content can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Children can continue their learning journey at home, with easy access to educational activities to explore with their parents

Where Education Begins

The Quaver Pre-K curriculum provides a comprehensive, dual-language learning approach to prekindergarten education. 

Quaver Pre-K:

  • Includes structured daily lessons for a full year of integrated academic, social, and emotional learning
  • Accommodates children of all ability levels as well as diverse language learners through differentiated multimodal and experiential learning. 
  • Aligns with state and national prekindergarten guidelines in all early childhood domains
  • Supports a joy-filled learning environment for your youngest learners!

Did you know?

Quaver Pre-K has been approved for adoption in Texas this year!

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Introducing: Your Teacher Dashboard

From one easy-to-use digital platform, teachers can access a full year of daily lessons, 20+ instructional guides, assessment monitoring tools, a searchable toolbox of additional resources, and more – all right at their fingertips on any computer, interactive whiteboard, or mobile device.


Engaging, Dual-Language Learning

Easy Language Selection

Child-facing interactive screens can be displayed in English or Spanish. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Click OPTIONS on any interactive screen
  2. Select Español or English
  3. See the child-facing content change to your language selection 

Authentic Spanish Content

All child-facing resources are provided in both English and Spanish, including: 

  • Authentic Spanish versions of 140 songs, 64 popular children’s books, and 8 Quaver books
  • Hours of recorded stories, movement videos, and all child-facing interactive screens

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