Funding for QuaverEd

Federal building

Federal Programs

Create a lasting impact with Title funding from federal programs that support equal educational opportunities. 

State building

State Programs

State-funded programs can provide additional funding options for schools to use for instructional materials.

Private building

Private Programs

Close funding gaps with grants from private programs and foundations dedicated to transformational education outcomes.

Federal Programs

Title Funds

Title Funds are federal grants or allocations that address educational disparities outside of state education budgets. These funds provide financial assistance to bridge educational gaps by providing additional resources for academic support and professional development.

Federal funds are distributed directly to state and local educational agencies. The funds are then disseminated to districts and schools based on need.

Title programs have specific criteria that must be met for schools to qualify for funding. For example, Title 1 funds are allocated to support schools with a high proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Other funding directly supports populations in need of interventions and support. Title 4 funding promotes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), social-emotional learning, and digital learning experiences. These are core areas of focus in QuaverEd’s educational offerings.

Educational institutions across the U.S. can allocate these Title funds towards QuaverEd curricula. 

Learn how QuaverEd curricula apply to various types of federal funding programs below. 

How Title Funds Apply to QuaverEd Curricula

State Programs

Funding through state programs can be used for many educational initiatives, including curriculum purchases. These programs vary by state and their educational policies. State funding sources may include appropriations, school funding models, and earmarked tax revenue. Mental health supports, such as QuaverReady, could qualify for funding under various umbrella state grants and resource allocations. 

Private Programs

Federal and state funding opportunities are excellent resources, but sometimes only provide funding on a short-term basis. To ensure the sustainability or expansion of your initiatives, your district may also explore the option of seeking private grants. 

This includes individual and family charitable foundations or grants from a larger corporate entity. Each grant opportunity will have its own eligibility and selection criteria, with guidelines on how the money can be used. We encourage you to contact your district funding office for more information.

In the meantime, here are some grant resources provided by notable organizations:

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