Daily Structure

Dig Into an “Executable Lesson Guide to Experience a Day in Quaver Pre-K

Each day of Quaver Pre-K includes support for engaging instruction, reflection, and play. With a digital guide at your fingertips, teachers can adapt, improvise, and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of individual learners in small and large group settings. 

From the digital, “executable” lesson guide, teachers can also launch interactive resources to an interactive whiteboard, projector, or mobile device, opening up a world of opportunity with a single click.

Explore a Day in Quaver Pre-K

Each day is designed to provide a combination of instruction by the teacher and independent exploration by the children. The primary activities covered each day in addition to Snack, Lunch, and Rest time are as follows:

These activities combine and repeat throughout the day in a sequenced approach in-line with Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, Mississippi Early Learning Standards, and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Digital Guides Allow Teachers to Access Resources Online

  • Teachers access guidance for every step of the day from what we call an “Executable Lesson Guide.”
  • In this digital guide, teachers can scroll throughout the day and launch any digital resources with a single click.
  • The guide includes details on standards addressed, tips for differentiation, and much more!
Digital lesson guide from Quaver Pre-K

And Transfer Learning to Children’s Devices

  • Each digital activity can be easily transferred to a tablet or mobile device for use in a Learning Center, small group instruction, or at-home learning.
  • Simply click the image thumbnail to scan a QR code or generate a direct link to send to a secondary device or home to parents.

With Additional Hardcopy Resources

  • Each day’s guide can also be printed with or without standards and differentiation tips.
  • A printed Week-at-a-Glance Handbook is provided for each classroom as an easy reference tool.
Quaver Pre-K Week at a Glance Handbook

Every Day Includes SEL, Literacy, Movement, and More!

  • Multiple opportunities to address SEL skills each day
  • Purposeful selection of read alouds and interactive digital library
  • 110-book collection emphasizes key early literacy standards
  • Digital interactivity is mixed with hands-on learning and guided movement throughout the day
PreK Students Reading with Teacher on the Floor

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