To inquire about purchasing QuaverEd products, contact sales here. A sales director will reach out to you with your pricing options. Oftentimes, they’ll get in touch with your district administrator as well to determine what plan is right for you.

Your district/school is expected to pay the state sales tax on any purchase in addition to a credit card charge if used. All licenses have Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

After QuaverEd has processed your order, you will receive an email with access information. In this email, you will find a one-use teacher access code if needed.

With each license, you will receive additional support including access to our Professional Learning Community, as well as training and webinars that can be done in person, virtual, or on-demand. You can learn more about our services here.


We offer a variety of licensing options based on your needs such as length of time, quantity of teacher accounts, and more. When you request a quote, your sales director will outline these options.

With each license, you receive free, unlimited student accounts.

Licenses can change for a number of reasons:

  • Changing the teacher assigned to the license
  • Changing the school associated with the license
  • Extending the term of the license
  • Changing the grades included in the license

School IT departments and Subject Supervisors can make these changes using the License Manager on their Dashboard under the QDEX icon. You can also contact QuaverEd Customer Support.

Payments & Invoices

Customers: Contact our Accounts Receivable department to pay your invoice, ask questions about your payment status, or receive a copy of your invoice. You can call us at (615) 922-2018 or email us at AR@QuaverEd.com.

Vendors: Contact our Accounts Payable department to send an invoice or check on the status of an invoice. You can call us at (615) 922-2021 or email us at Accounting@QuaverEd.com.


QuaverEd curricula operate on most desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. There are certain minimums that must be met and versions of the browsers that are supported. 

Apple, for example, has stopped supporting older versions of their iPads that may not function well with our curricula. However, our online platform is fully compatible with Chromebooks, Microsoft, Android, and Apple computers, tablets, and mobile devices currently supported by their manufacturers.

The software and hardware specifications provided here are QuaverEd’s suggestions to ensure the best user experience while using QuaverEd products. Any hardware and software specifications outside of this scope could have varied experiences.

QuaverEd integrates well with various LMS systems for SSO. Explore your options here and get in touch with our Integrations Team. 

QuaverEd also integrates with multiple rostering applications. Find them here.


We offer a free 30-day preview for each QuaverEd product. You can also attend our live group demos where we’ll take you through an overview of the product.

You receive all of the resources in the specific curriculum that you purchase. To access the resources in other products, you would need to purchase a license for that specific curriculum. For example, a QuaverMusic license will not have access to QuaverReady resources. 

Explore each of our products and their offerings:

Students can log in to a QuaverEd product in two ways:

  1. QuaverEd Website
    • Teachers can create student accounts and provide students with their own usernames and passwords. They can use these credentials to access their accounts at QuaverEd.com/login.
  2. Single Sign-On
    • QuaverEd can set up a Single Sign-On integration if your district prefers that students access QuaverEd through an LMS system such as Canvas, ClassLink, Clever, Google, or Schoology. Students will then access QuaverEd through an app within your district’s LMS.

Current Quaver educators can refer to the Help Center, on your Dashboard, for step-by-step instructions on logging in with either method.

Additional Questions

Join our teacher-led Facebook Groups: QuaverMusic Teachers Group and QuaverHealth•PE Teachers Group

Join us for webinars throughout the year. Find them here.

Every two years, we host a free, two-day PD event called QuaverCon. The conference is designed for current and potential educators interested in using Quaver teaching resources to engage their students. Attendees can earn PD credit, learn new strategies, and connect with colleagues from around the world. Find a curated set of QuaverCon 2022 sessions here.

All of our current users receive regular newsletters throughout the school year with the latest news, helpful tips, and more. If you think you are not receiving these emails, make sure communications from QuaverEd are on your district’s approved email list. You can also contact us here and we can check to be sure you’re on our list!

Once your free preview has concluded, take the next step in your QuaverEd journey and explore your purchasing options. Start by contacting your state sales director here

Don’t see your question here? Our team is here to help!