Quaver Music Integration

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Quaver Music Integration is a cross-curricular learning platform that provides general education teachers with music-based resources.

In this comprehensive K-5 curriculum, educators can easily access age-appropriate resources that connect music to core subjects.

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Using Music to Engage All Learners

Many teachers use music to reinforce their lessons. Music creates emotional connections, encourages movement, and makes learning fun! Quaver Music Integration provides a convenient platform to access songs, lessons, and activities that support cross-curricular learning. This includes subjects such as math, science, geography, SEL, and more!

Benefits of Quaver Music Integration

A colorful circle with Quaver Music Integration in the middle with English/Literacy, Math, Science, History, Geography, and Physical Education around it.

Quaver Music Integration allows you to incorporate music into your school without a music program.

With Quaver Music Integration, educators can:

  • Access a wide variety of songs
  • Confidently lead lessons
  • Help students retain cross-curricular concepts
  • Lay a foundation for students’ love of learning

“I just finished the asynchronous course and wow!  It is amazingly good, well-rounded, and very informative! It will add much value to what we teach and do in the classrooms! My initial intention was to just scan through to know what it is like before our staff goes through it tomorrow, as part of our PD activities, but I could not stop!  It was captivating and engaging throughout.  More importantly, it is very all-encompassing, from the grade-level theme songs to lessons in all disciplinary areas including social and emotional skills.  I also like your pitch at the end of the presentation, including the menu of product support, instructional materials, and support tools. I like the fact that there is always a live person to answer questions that teachers may have.”

— Dr. Fatima Lawson

Easy-to-Use Digital Tools

Students can take their learning to the next level with age-appropriate composition tools. Students can compose songs on any device—no instruments needed.

Teacher showing his student how to use Quaver Music Integration on his tablet
Teacher using a laptop with Quaver Music Integration's Resource Manager.

Educators have the added benefit of administrative tools, a searchable library of content, individual student accounts, and much more. Our online platform allows you to access our content and tools from anywhere.

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