District IT Support

Welcome to QuaverEd!

Here you can learn about the many options for integrating Quaver products with district platforms as well as general IT information.

If you experience any issues, please email us at TechSupport@QuaverEd.com or call (866) 917-3633.

Whitelisting Instructions


Many schools employ firewalls that use Safe Sender lists, aka whitelists, that only receive email from allowed senders. If you or your district are not receiving emails from QuaverEd, we may need to be added to your Safe Sender list.

QuaverEd uses Campaign Monitor to send emails. If your whole school or district is not receiving emails, your IT administrator may need to add Campaign Monitor to the Safe Sender list.

If QuaverEd emails have been whitelisted, check your spam folder to ensure communication from QuaverEd is not landing there. If it is, mark it as “Not Spam.”


To ensure teachers and students are able to access their curriculum resources and assignments, please ask your IT department to whitelist all subdomains of the following domains:

  • quavered.com
  • quavermusic.com
  • quavermic.com

Whitelisting these domains will prevent students and teachers from experiencing any barriers to their QuaverEd resources, including the possibility of the website being restricted or blocked by a school or district server.

If an IT professional needs additional information, please contact us. We will be happy to offer additional answers or support!

Device Requirements

QuaverEd curricula operate on most desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. There are certain minimums that must be met and versions of the browsers that are supported. 

Apple, for example, has stopped supporting older versions of their iPads that may not function well with our curricula. However, our online platform is fully compatible with Chromebooks, Microsoft, Android, and Apple computers, tablets, and mobile devices currently supported by their manufacturers.

The software and hardware specifications provided below are QuaverEd’s suggestions to ensure the best user experience while using QuaverEd products. Any hardware and software specifications outside of this scope could have varied experiences.

Data Sharing Agreements

QuaverEd is willing to sign Data Sharing Agreements that protect student and teacher data.  We will comply with FERPA, COPPA, and any state laws regarding data sharing. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

If you have any questions or would like for us to sign a Data Sharing Agreement, please email PrivacyDirector@QuaverEd.com.