Curriculum Overview

A Comprehensive, Yearlong Plan

  • The Quaver Pre-K Scope and Sequence includes 160 executable daily lessons built on the traditions of proven design. 
  • Special projects aligned to each month’s theme provide an additional 20 days of teaching material.
  • Daily lessons address 10 essential learning domains foundational to early childhood development. 

10 Early Childhood Learning Domains

Engaging Monthly Themes

  • These ten learning domains are unpacked across eight monthly themes, shown below, and 32 weekly sub-themes, providing a structured environment for a full year of learning. 
  • Each theme includes an original Quaver story in English and Spanish, plus favorite books from classic children’s literature and an adaptable special project.
  • Themes like Communities and Amazing Nature build on concrete knowledge children naturally have and represent big ideas to engage curious young minds, connecting fantasy and the real world with animated characters, stories, and songs.

Eight Themes

A picture of four young children smiling in the school hallway representing the theme Welcome to Pre-K from Quaver Pre-K

Welcome to Pre-K! focuses on acclimating children to their new school, schedule, and routines, as well as providing a welcoming and nurturing environment for the children.

A table of people enjoying a meal from overhead representing the theme Communities from Quaver Pre-K

Communities introduces children to their classroom, the school as a whole, and their neighborhood. Children learn how they can be responsible citizens and about multiple jobs people do to contribute to their communities.

A bee pollinating a flower representing the theme Amazing Nature from Quaver Pre-K

Amazing Nature expands children’s worldview by exploring the natural world, specifically with reference to trees, plants, and the cycle of food production. Children learn how the sun and Earth interact to create cycles of life or seasons. 

A close-up of vegetables in a basket representing the theme Healthy Me from Quaver Pre-K

Healthy Me leads children to explore food production and ways of healthy cooking and eating. They then use knowledge about healthy foods to learn how to keep their bodies healthy through nutrition, exercise, rest, and good care. 

A picture of a sea turtle swimming representing the theme Living Creatures from Quaver Pre-K

Living Creatures moves children to explore the natural world, this time with reference to animals. Primarily science-focused, days also build on children’s developing ecological worldview discussed in previous themes. 

A picture from the sky of a busy intersection representing the theme Transportation from Quaver Pre-K

Transportation and Movement studies the movements of people and things. Children learn about different methods of transportation and start understanding the connections between food production, healthy living, communities, living creatures, and movement. 

A shot of tall buildings in a downtown skyline representing the theme Construction from Quaver Pre-K

Construction teaches how and why communities are built. Children learn how structures are made—from planning and design to use. They then spend time exploring structures where people can live, play, and work—and they even create their own play structures. 

A picture of a young boy playing guitar and smiling representing the theme Music from Quaver Pre-K

A Celebration of Music portrays music as the universal language that unifies people and communities throughout the world. They then learn how music is created and celebrated in different cultures around the world and even build their own instruments

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Quaver Pre-K equips teachers with a full year of interactive daily lessons integrating academic, social, and emotional learning across ten foundational learning domains.

Designed to meet early childhood standards across the country, Quaver Pre-K includes everything an educator needs to foster each child’s learning experience in a truly joy-filled Pre-K classroom.

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