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QuaverHealth•PE takes an innovative approach to Health and PE instruction. Our digital curriculum is standards-aligned and packed with extensive content.

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QuaverHealth•PE provides a full year of engaging Health and PE lessons for educators. In addition, teachers can use interactive games, movement-based activities, and assessments that support state and national standards. Our song-based and culturally diverse resources engage every student.

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With a Whole-School License, any school professional including PE, Health, and Classroom teachers as well as school nurses and school counselors can teach QuaverHealth•PE. Health and PE lessons are in one place making it easy to create a consistent learning environment for the entire school community. Our built-in administrative tools make it easy to share lesson plans, reports, and data with school administration.

Screenshot of a Kindergarten PE Lesson Plan about Equipment and safety. It includes purpose, key student objectives, expected time, classroom resources, and music in the lesson.

With robust accessibility, you can access QuaverHealth•PE’s browser-based application from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you teach in a classroom, gym, or outdoors, educators can use our ready-made lessons and lesson planning tools.

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Take lessons to the next level by involving the school community in activities, projects, and at-home learning. QuaverHealth•PE allows parents and family members’ to be involved in their children’s education. With our resources, students will learn how the whole community plays a role in living a healthy life.

Community Resources and Parent Resources.

Our team is here to provide lasting support throughout the life of your license. Whether you need help troubleshooting or would like custom resources to meet specific district objectives, we’re here to help!

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Featured Resource: January 2023

QuaverHealth•PE has a variety of movement-based videos to engage students. Use the power of music to reinforce personal health knowledge and have students practice the choreography.

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