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Comprehensive Health and PE Curriculum

Promote wellness and movement with our engaging, standards-aligned K-5 Health and PE curriculum.

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“Having this curriculum helps expand what’s available to me as a teacher, and my students really enjoy it, too. Everyone wins!” 

– Kera Williams, PE Teacher

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Resources to Make Teaching Easy

Discover an extensive selection of Health and PE movement videos, interactive games, and complete lessons. QuaverHealth•PE engages students while offering the flexibility to customize lesson plans as you see fit.

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User-Friendly Online Curriculum

Access our browser-based application from anywhere with an internet connection. Streamline your planning, teaching, and assessment process, whether you’re in a classroom, gym, or outdoor setting.

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Accessible & Dual-language Resources

Promote inclusivity with accessibility features and Spanish translations. Our curriculum supports diverse learning needs and guides students in their health and physical education journey.

Take Your Health & PE Lessons to the Next Level

Experience a Dynamic Health and PE Curriculum

QuaverHealth•PE sets itself apart with an innovative platform that unites Health and PE, providing 408 ready-to-go lessons for a full school year. Aligned with SHAPE America National Standards, our curriculum supports various teaching styles and makes learning seriously fun for students.

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A Quaver Health and PE teacher leading her students in a stretching exercise in a gym

Get Your Students Moving with Fun and Interactive Lessons

Both Health and PE lesson plans include movement, interactive videos, games, assessments, and more. Each lesson is designed to reinforce students’ understanding of health and physical education concepts. Teachers can search for lessons by theme or skill and customize them as needed.

Access a Wealth of Supplemental Resources

QuaverHealth•PE provides additional resources to create connections across the curriculum. Students can develop their health and fitness knowledge by diving into extra activities, interactive tools, community-based projects, and more.

Fireman and students in a class participating in a Quaver Health PE fire safety community project
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Streamline Your Classroom Management with Easy-to-Use Admin Tools

Managing your class is easy with our advanced admin tools. Use Resource Manager to create interactive quizzes, slideshows, and video screens. You can even import resources from the internet. Manage assignments, grades, and student accounts with our Student Admin tool.

Scope and Sequence

Our customizable scope and sequences ensure consistency and coherence across classrooms, grade levels, schools, and districts.

Funding for QuaverHealth•PE

Learn how to use your Title funding to purchase high-quality instructional materials.

What Teachers Have to Say About QuaverHealth•PE

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“We used to use textbooks, but QuaverHealth•PE brings what we’re teaching to life.”

Jason Leach
Elementary PE Teacher
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“This has been the best start I have ever had as a PE teacher. This curriculum has been a game-changer.”
Sam Watkins
Elementary PE Teacher
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“QuaverHealth•PE’s fully inclusive curriculum makes it easy to add on to what I’m teaching.”

Cody Dubke
Elementary PE Teacher

Districts That Use QuaverHealth•PE

The Power of Music in Health and Physical Education

Help students grow stronger bodies and minds with movement-based music videos! These catchy songs are a powerful way to reinforce understanding at every grade and skill level. Our culturally diverse, interactive resources reach and represent ALL students.

Empowering Health and PE Educators

We are dedicated to empowering educators and students by transforming how health and PE are taught. Our comprehensive curriculum and cutting-edge resources create dynamic learning experiences that support educators in making a lasting impact. Join us in helping to create a healthier and more active future for students!

The Quaver Health and PE team at the SHAPE convention


To inquire about purchasing QuaverHealth•PE, contact sales here. A sales director will reach out to you with your pricing options. Often, they’ll get in touch with your district administrator as well to determine what plan is right for you.

Learn how to use your Title 4 funding to purchase high-quality instructional materials by visiting our funding page.

The cost of QuaverHealth•PE depends on the type of license you need. The type of license is determined by factors such as the length of time, the number of teacher accounts, and more. 

Once you contact your sales director, he or she will share your options with you.

You can also learn about funding options here.

Yes! You can sign up for a 30-day preview here and try QuaverHealth•PE for free.

With each license, you will have access to our Professional Learning Community which includes training, webinars, and more! We also offer implementation services, you can learn more here.

QuaverHealth•PE is user-friendly for both educators and students. We also offer training to make sure you feel comfortable with the product

Yes, QuaverHealth•PE is an online curriculum that provides educators with the tools they need to implement in-person instruction. Being fully online provides many benefits. These include not needing to carry around textbooks, always having access to your resources, and actively updating your lessons as needed.

Whether you’re looking for an elementary health curriculum or PE skill videos, QuaverHealth•PE can be flexibly integrated. Our curriculum can be used by any school professional including physical education teachers, health educators, school counselors, and classroom teachers.

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