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Lesson Structure

Every QuaverMusic lesson contains a variety of interactive screens, songs, and activities to engage students. Each lesson ends with a screen to review the lesson objectives. Every lesson also includes a summary with useful information for planning your instruction.

Explore a sample lesson below:

Original Songs, Games, and Activities

QuaverMusic produces original songs such as “You-nique,” one of our most popular songs. Teachers and students can sing along, hone their musical skills, and develop positive mindsets.

QuaverMusic provides fun and interactive games that bring learning to life. “Note and Rest Grab” is one of the many activities Quaver teachers use to engage students in learning.

* Video contains music only

Complete Customization

* Video contains music only

In addition to using our 160 pre-built lessons, educators can easily support differentiation needs through Resource Manager, our powerful customization tool.

QuaverMusic’s functionality makes it easy to add and remove screens by simply dragging and dropping.

You can also add your own screens with the Resource Creation tool. You can easily build and integrate new screens with videos, quizzes, playlists, and more into your custom lessons.

QuaverMusic comes with a complete suite of ready-made assignments. Use these or modify them to fit your classroom.

Assignments can be graded or non-graded. Reach and assess your students in a way that fits your needs.

* Video contains no audio

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