Jumpstart a Joyous Return to School!

With these cool tools from QuaverEd!

By Kristin Clark Taylor

We know. We get it. We understand.

Your hands are busy (and full) these days.

One hand is waving goodbye to summer and the other is waving hello to a new school year — and somewhere in the midst of goodbye and hello are new lessons that need to be taught. Students that need to be motivated. Spirits that might need to be lifted. Nerves that might need to be soothed.  

Take a deep breath and put your minds (and your hands) at ease:

QuaverEd’s got you covered, and we’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

We’re kicking off a back-to-school campaign that’s filled with exciting new resources just for you! Take a look … and a listen!

  • Social Media Templates: Do you share on social? If the answer is “yes,” be sure to tag us at QuaverEd, and use the hashtag  #WithQuaverEd! Connect with colleagues on our Quaver Teacher Facebook page and share your classroom experiences as you launch your back-to-school journey! (Click on the link for our social media templates and exciting platforms!) 
  • Bring Perry the Sheep with you! Need a bit of back-up as your students bounce back into the classroom? Have Perry the Sheep waiting for them! Click on the link to see Perry the Sheep’s First Day of School Instagram Post!

QuaverEd Teachers Talk Back-to-School

Across the USA, teachers are excited about bringing Quaver resources back to school with them. Let’s listen in!

  • Jenni Sonstroem, a music specialist at Laurel Park Elementary in Apex, North Carolina:  “QuaverEd gives me the excitement and enthusiasm to inspire and motivate my students, providing extra positive energy for the upcoming school year!”
  • Jim Meske, a K-5 music teacher and District Music Coordinator at Westdale School in Northlake, IL: “After teaching virtually for over a year, I am beyond excited to have my students in front of me this year to make music together. We may be masked and asked to limit singing, but I’m not worried with the endless options from QuaverEd. 

    I am most excited to incorporate the Art Music Movement Videos this year so my students can learn about a wide variety of music through movement and active listening. It will definitely be a huge transition for everyone moving from learning at home to school but QuaverEd will keep them engaged and excited about learning music!”
  • Kaundria Gay, a music specialist at Hearne Elementary in Houston, TX: I look forward to starting the new school year for many reasons, but most importantly I am excited to be able to use Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music 100% — like I did prior to the pandemic! 

    Last year I was not able to use instruments, and I had to limit the amount of singing in my classroom due to COVID. Music was different and unfortunately, my students were craving the “normal” music class.

    This year, we are free to use instruments and sing as much as we want. There are no restrictions! I am excited to check out the new resources and songs, use the Orff resources, and use the Kodaly resources. This summer I completed Level 1 Kodaly training, so I am really excited to see how the Kodaly resources will help enhance my Kodaly lessons!”

A Sampling of Songs that’s sure to Bring Smiles

Though there are thousands of Quaver songs and lessons from which to choose, this sampling will help you send a bold, bright, back-to-school message that motivates, celebrates, calms, and inspires each and every one of your students. 

To listen to “I’m Motivated” please click the image above.
To listen to “You-Nique” please click the image above.
To listen to “Relax Your Mind” please click the image above.

So with one hand, wave goodbye to summer. With the other hand, wave hello to the new school year. 

Then with both hands, reach for these extraordinary QuaverEd resources to jumpstart a joyous return to school!


Kristin Clark Taylor is an author and a journalist.

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