Wellness News You can really Use! QuaverHealth•PE is here!

By Kristin Clark Taylor

There’s wonderful news on the wellness horizon: 

QuaverHealthPE is now available! 

The exciting new cutting-edge curriculum features an innovative, school-wide approach to health skills instruction and physical education. And the best news of all? This groundbreaking K-5 health curriculum can be yours with a couple of quick clicks! 

All of the lessons come to life through interactive elements, games, and 37 original, upbeat songs. Every lesson is age and developmentally appropriate, taking into account children’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth over time.

Let’s Let the Teachers Talk!

  • Lori Carroll was tapped early in the process by the QuaverHealth•PE team to provide her expertise and counsel. Listen to what the Health and Physical Education Coordinator for the Spring Independent School District in Houston, Texas has to say:

“It was really exciting to see the curriculum come alive; to be a part of it from the very beginning. As a content advisor, I helped with some of the curriculum writing and editing.  

Coming from the P.E. world at the elementary school level, I can say that nobody is really assigned to teach these standards, which makes it challenging. Now, the material is available, which is very exciting. I’m no longer in the classroom, but I know teachers are very excited about using this new curriculum in their classrooms this year. Our whole district will be piloting QuaverHealth•PE!”

Here are some reasons why Lori loves the curriculum …

  • Collaboration and Multi-Disciplinary Guidance: The curriculum was carefully developed with input from experts and advocates in medicine, physical education, personal hygiene, nutrition, child safety, and early childhood development. All of the lessons undergo a rigorous review by an in-house Medical Advisory Panel and Review Board. And QuaverEd’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee ensures the process is welcoming to all! Collaboration, creativity, and inclusion: The perfect combination.
  • Carefully Designed with Alignment in Mind: The 196 lessons are carefully and closely aligned to the National Health Education Standards and the National Physical Education Standards of SHAPE America. This ensures that your school adheres to these important standards as well.  
  • Across-the-Board Adaptability: Whether you’re a PE teacher, a classroom teacher, or a health care specialist such as a school nurse, counselor, or nutritionist, this curriculum will meet you where you are. It offers the tools you need for easy planning, customization, and instruction. Adaptability and differentiation are the name of this game!
  • Fun AND Functional! With unlimited student accounts, QuaverHealth•PE supports progress monitoring and skills attainment. The curriculum offers Single Sign-On and Roster Integration. And there’s more: Student accounts enable more consistent support for educators and families during periods of remote instruction. So whether you’re teaching remotely or in the classroom, this kind of learning is fully functional … and fun!

Jason Leach, a physical education teacher at Independence Elementary in Keller, Texas, attended a QuaverHealth•PE curriculum pilot group  and was mightily motivated by what he saw:

<em>Jason Leach physical education teacher at Independence Elementary in Keller Texas was part of the QuaverHealthPE curriculum pilot group in Texas Says Jason Ill definitely be using QuaverHealth with my students this year<em>

“It was really special be one of the very first to see QuaverHealth•PE!” Leach says. “I love the way the curriculum looks and the way it feels; it’s very user-friendly. I’ll definitely be using it this with my students this year. At the each of each P.E. class, I have something called ‘Coach’s Corner,’ where I gather the kids together and we discuss what we’ve just done in class. It’s important because I don’t want them going to their next class hyped up from all the physical activity. I can’t wait to bring them together to talk about how they feel about this new curriculum … and to see how we’re going to implement this important new learning tool.”

Leach says he’s also looking forward to see how other teachers throughout the Keller school district implement the curriculum: “I want to collaborate with other P.E. teachers and see how they plan on using QuaverHealth•PE! Sharing and learning new information brings the greatest benefit to all of our students! I can’t wait!”

A Tagline to Live by

QuaverHealth•PE’s tagline, “Growing Stronger Bodies and Minds,” is much more than just a tagline … it’s an action plan! The new curriculum promotes personal accountability, goal-setting, and healthy habits. Lessons on decision-making, bullying and cyberbullying, and online safety are also included, creating a learning platform that’s not just about health but about wellness in the larger world around us.


So share the good news and spread the good word.

But do more than that … visit the website at QuaverEd.com/HealthandPE  and make this curriculum a part of your teaching – and learning – experience!

Kristin Clark Taylor is an author and a journalist.


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