A Passion for Quaver that’s Unquenchable

Hear Her Words: “There’s Nothing Else Like it”

By Kristin Clark Taylor

When I ask Judy LoBianco to reflect on what she appreciates most about Quaver, the effusive educator responds with a blast of energy so intense I can feel it over the phone. 

The loquacious LoBianco, a national leader in the field of physical education, doesn’t just exude energy and enthusiasm when she talks about Quaver … she radiates it.

Believe me. I know. I feel it myself.

As she speaks, I notice the way she pulls me into the power of the present moment. She makes me mindful and attentive.

Being mindful and attentive are vital to this educator – which is precisely how she describes Quaver’s overall approach to education – so there seems to be a perfect alignment here. 

I know. I get it. I feel this alignment myself. 

“QuaverHealth-PE gives teachers the tools they need to be mindful of every student, and to be fully present in each moment,” she says. 

“This allows educators to speak authentically to each student – no matter how they learn, and they all learn differently — and it motivates them to move!

She remains focused on the matter of movement and healthy lifestyle for a moment.

“In many ways,” she says, “the work of physical educators is a matter of life and death, because we’re teaching students to internalize the joy of a healthy lifestyle, not just today but for the rest of their lives, and Quaver is an important part of that journey towards physical literacy.”

LoBianco, who served as President of the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America) and president of the New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NJAHPERD), views Quaver from a multi-faceted perspective.

“I’ve played the role of administrator for most of my career,” she says, explaining that administrators don’t typically get involved in “getting behind” one product over another. 

“When you’ve got finite resources and highly specific training requirements, you’re very vigilant about what you’re going to put in front of your teachers,” she says.

But seeing Quaver expanded her vision. 

“When you think about how little time our physical educators actually get with their kids,” she explains, “it makes us realize that the time they do spend must be significant and impactful. Quaver provides health educators with the strategies, the tools, and the technology to make a meaningful impact in a relatively short amount of time.”

LoBianco is also quick to emphasize that Quaver’s appeal extends far beyond the gym and the playing field.

“I’m really glad that QuaverEd is there for not only the certified professionals in physical education but also for the classroom teacher in music, Language Arts, math … the cross-curricular appeal is just tremendous.”

As I listen to her speak, I’m struck, yet again, by the energy and enthusiasm that emanates from her every word, and it dawns on me that the best way to convey her energy most authentically in this article is to, well, let you hear her speak for yourself.

Here, as a guest on Quaver’s PLC: Leaders in Education Series, LoBianco talks about authentically engaging students in Physical Education. 

A National Authority: Judy LoBianco discusses how to authentically engage students in P.E.

To bring our interview to a close, I ask LoBianco to name a favorite song or lesson from QuaverHealth-PE. 

With energy still zipping and zinging over the phone, she not only names the song, but for a brief moment or two … she sings it!  

“The Four Di-men-sions of Health!” she warbles, offering up a deliciously spontaneous rendition of Quaver’s popular song about the importance of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual health.

LoBianco says “Four Dimensions of Health” is one of her favorite songs in QuaverHealth-PE: “It helps students make healthy decisions early in their lives!” she says.

As I’m listening to LoBianco speak (and sing!) about the power of music and the power of the human spirit, I’m reminded of a quote by singer-songwriter Billy Joel, who once described music itself as an “explosion of humanity.”

It’s the perfect description of music … but it also happens to be a pretty good description of LoBianco herself.

An explosion of humanity, indeed.


Kristin Clark Taylor is an author and a journalist.

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