Quaver Pre-K for Texas

Powerful Approach For Teaching Pre-K

Latest Ideas in Pre-K Curriculum Design

A comprehensive solution for an engaging Pre-K experience:

  • Designed by Experts: Every domain, every skill, every outcome, every breakout is covered in a logical sequence, informed by experts in early childhood education
  • Easy-to-Use: Each day is presented in an executable lesson plan that puts everything a teacher needs at their fingertips
  • Seriously Fun! Activities are highly-visual and infused with music, movement, and storytelling for guaranteed engagement
  • Teacher-Friendly Tools and Support: A comprehensive solution complete with support for teacher, administrator, and parents

Designed for Texas Proclamation 2021

Built explicitly to meet Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, Quaver Pre-K addresses all outcomes, breakouts, and skills in each of the TPG's ten domains. The result is a full year of integrated academic, social, and emotional learning.

Eight Engaging Themes

Eight monthly themes and 32 sub-themes provide a structured environment for a full year of learning. Each theme includes an original Quaver story in English and Spanish, plus favorites from classic literature and an adaptable special project.

Full-Day Lessons Children & Teachers Love

160 lessons are packed with animated songs, art projects, and stories to stir emotion, and develop a joy-filled Pre-K classroom that fosters social-emotional skills alongside academic learning. Engagement is amplified by this seriously fun approach.

Easy-to-Use, Executable Lesson Guides

Each day's lesson follows TPG full- and half-day schedules in an Executable Lesson Guide. This guide includes all the teaching notes you need for a full day of instruction as well as any digital resources, ready-to-launch with a single click.

Child-Directed Learning Centers

At the core of each day's learning is the opportunity for child-directed learning in seven adaptable Learning Centers. Guides include suggestions for the use of technology, tangibles, and printable resources, all included in Quaver Pre-K.

A Scalable Approach to Technology

Our cloud-based teaching platform offers teachers the option of integrating technology in a number of ways. While the focus remains on teacher-child interaction, interactive technology use can support teachers and engage children.

Tracking Knowledge & Skill Acquisition

Assess each child in your class at the individual skill, outcome, or breakout level with our digital assessment tool. Record text or video examples of child development throughout the year and differentiate instruction to suit each child.

Adaptable Digital Tools

Our searchable toolbox of standalone, digital tools, is organized by TPG domain to support instruction at any time. Many tools can be configured to grow with your students, changing the scope of concepts addressed or difficulty throughout the year.

Teacher Support & Development

Great teachers deserve great support. Quaver Pre-K supports teachers of all experience levels with scalable professional development, detailed lesson instructions, and a library of instructional guides backed by our friendly customer support team.

In the Classroom—and at Home

Quaver Pre-K includes Learn-At-Home Activities: a collection of songs, stories, activities, and assessment progress to engage parents and guardians in the important ongoing work of whole-child development.

Classroom Materials

When returning to the classroom, extend learning and the fun with our optional Classroom Materials kit! Quaver storybooks, manipulatives, centers posters, and more!

Explore Quaver Pre-K in more depth with access to our Texas Proclamation 2021 Sample.

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