Summer Fun and QuaverEd: The Perfect Combination

By Kristin Clark Taylor

Even though summer is winding down, the learning never stops at QuaverEd!

Every curriculum – QuaverMusic, QuaverReady, Quaver Pre-K, and QuaverHealth-PE – is filled to the brim with engaging resources and fun activities designed to keep learning alive year-round!

Take a peek at a couple of QuaverEd’s terrific teaching tools:

  • Teacher Toolbox:  Available year-round and in every curriculum, this rich resource provides educators with thousands of engaging songs lessons, videos, interactives and printables. 

Even more good news: You can customize these lessons in a way that complements your unique teaching style! Whatever you need, whenever you need it, at your fingertips with a simple click. 

Summer’s almost over, but there’s still time to hear Boobam and Songbird share their “Summer Story!” Click here for a late-summer spin with these two colorful characters.

“Boobam and Songbird Get into Music: Summer Story”
  • QuaverEd Summer Toolkit: Specifically designed for continued learning through the summer months with resources from each Quaver curriculum, these fast-paced activities are packed with life lessons and engaging interactives that will keep your students current, confident, and focused on fun! Don’t let summer slip by without taking a peek:
There’s still time to check out QuaverEd’s Terrific Summer Toolkit!

Summer’s About Professional Growth, Too!

QuaverEd works hard to keep its close, caring community of educators motivated and well-informed by bringing in leading authorities and subject matter experts who share their wisdom and experience.

The ground-breaking new “Leaders in Education” series features guest speakers and top educators who will expand your perspective and deepen your knowledge.

In case you missed it, take a look and listen as Dr. Janine Al-Aseer, a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, discusses her amazing research on community schools. 

Want to access more past episodes? Or maybe even register for future sessions? Click here.

See you at the Back-to-School Kickoff!

As part of an exciting Back-to-School Campaign, QuaverEd will host a virtual Back-to-School Kickoff on July 26th and 27th featuring keynote speaker Pamela Dawson, the 2023 Grammy Music Educator of the Year. Dawson will surely dazzle as she discusses the power of music education.

Want to attend? Register here. Space is limited, so grab a spot now!

See you in a few weeks at the Back-to-School Kickoff!

Kristin Clark Taylor is an author and a journalist. 


For more information on QuaverReady, go to www.quavered.com.

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