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Our Teachers Will Tell You: “We’re Better Together!

By Kristin Clark Taylor

If you’re reading these words right now, it means you’re already a valued member of the QuaverEd community! Congratulations!

From Kansas to Kowloon (Hong Kong!) — in all fifty states and in 44 countries — the dedicated professionals at QuaverEd work hard every day to create and curate a community of educators where everyone feels like they belong. Here, you’ll find a community:

  • Where everyone is welcome.
  • Where every voice is heard.
  • Where each and every person feels wonderfully “You-Nique,” yet also an important part of a collective whole, and  
  • Where the power of music and the joy of creativity and collaboration bring learning to life in awesome and amazing ways.

Let’s listen in as a few educators from across the USA (and the world!) celebrate the joy of being “better together.”

David Diab, an elementary and high school music teacher at Christian Alliance International School in Kowloon, Hong Kong, is living proof that the Quaver community is never bound by geographic boundaries. 

The QuaverEd Community Spans the Globe: Kristin Clark Taylor interviews David Diab, a music teacher in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

“I really appreciate all the updates I receive from Quaver,” he says with a smile. “The fact that the people at Quaver have made the intentional decision to keep me updated and informed helps me feel connected to the Quaver community.”

Being kept informed of the new features, songs, and lessons also helps David with classroom management and with quick and easy accessibility.

“I’ve created a separate in-box for my Quaver updates, so I know exactly where to go to retrieve this information when I need it. It’s a tremendous time-saver, especially since there’s so much good information there!”

David’s grateful for the constant improvements, too:

“We just built a new production lab with new macs and even new keyboards. I love “QGrooves Plus”! My students can experiment with melody-writing and collaboration, and they can even go home and continue to create. Then they come back and say with pride, ‘Look what I’ve composed!’ In a very real sense, Quaver is also helping to create a community of young composers!”

Hop-scotch across the globe by about 8,000 miles and the community bond remains unbroken:

Haley S. Houston, a music teacher at Mt. Laurel Elementary in Birmingham, Alabama, feels that sense of bonding and belonging as well – and she believes the credit should go to the highly-trained and deeply-passionate Quaver employees themselves:

“The people at QuaverEd have the heart of music education at the forefront of their minds and the center of their hearts, and they’re committed to making learning fun – not just for the kids but for the teachers as well,” Haley says happily. “It’s been so much more exciting to teach music since Quaver came into my life ten years ago!”

The counseling community also feels the QuaverEd embrace. Brijea Colvin, an elementary school counselor at Rose Valley Elementary in Ft. Washington, Maryland, celebrates both the community and the curriculum.

“When my students come in, they’re already familiar with Quaver from music class. This familiarity is extremely helpful as we work on problem-solving and on managing emotions,” she says. 

Brijea says her connection to QuaverReady, “is real, because I feel it!”

While attending a recent counselor’s conference, she says, “I just had to stop by the Quaver booth! I told them I was from P.G. County and the Quaver staff greeted me with open arms! They loaded me down with great gifts, too – I brought back some Quaver pens and pencils, and even some ‘Hot Potatoes, which my students love!”

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, music teacher Patti Medley Lamb, at E.G. Ross Elementary, says, “I’ve attended various Quaver learning sessions and always come away with fun and interesting ways to incorporate this new knowledge in my classroom.”

Patti also says that the QuaverEd Music Teacher Facebook Page “is a great way to share information, ask questions, and interact with other Quaver teachers.”

She ends with a word of wisdom: “To teachers out there who are considering Quaver, go for it! We’re waiting to welcome you to our awesome community!”

So if you’re thinking about becoming a member of the QuaverEd family, or if you’re longing to belong to a close, caring community … then long no longer. 

In Patti’s powerful words: The QuaverEd community is waiting to welcome you!

For more information on how to become part of the Quaver community, go visit the page here.

Kristin Clark Taylor is an author and a journalist. 


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