At Quaver, Educators Come First!

By Kristin Clark Taylor

Teachers are the Top Priority

There’s just no doubt about it: At QuaverEd, teachers come first.

If you’re a Quaver teacher standing anywhere under the wide and wonderful Quaver umbrella – whether you’re using QuaverMusic, QuaverReady, Quaver Pre-K, or Quaver Health-PE – you already know you are the top priority.

At Quaver, a constant effort is made to ensure that each and every one of its teachers knows how to maximize these amazing resources as efficiently as possible, because it is these resources that nurture growth, stimulate creativity, and encourage awesomeness – not just in the classroom, but in the lives of the teachers themselves!

Educating Educators

Whether it’s providing Professional Development tools, organizing training seminars on how to use the rich resources, or even bringing teachers together to share their experiences and compare notes (in-person or on-screen!), Quaver’s quest is always clear: To create and nurture an educational environment where learning, technology, and creativity converge. 

Take a peek at some of the wonderful ways Quaver brings learning to life for its teachers:

New Series Launched

Quaver’s brand-new series, “QuaverPLC: Leaders in Education” is already making a joyful noise in the education community! If you’re a teacher in search of regular — and relevant – dialogue with other teachers, educational leaders, and Subject Matter Experts, think about tapping into this amazing new source of information! 

Want to watch the inaugural episode? Click here to see Dr. Cathy Presnell, 2016 Tennessee Teacher of the Year, reflect on the importance of teachers caring for themselves and their students. Don’t have time to watch the entire episode? Sneak a peek at this super-short snippet!

Dr. Cathy Pressnell Talks Self-Care in Episode #1!

Wonderful Webinars and Training

Here’s another engagingly excellent way that learning is brought to life: Quaver’s top-notch training team schedules free webinars throughout the year to keep teachers up-to-date on the latest additions and upgrades to the curriculum. Want to watch a past Webinar or even register for an upcoming session? Click here!

 Additionally, comprehensive training sessions are scheduled at the convenience of each school district. To help customize each session, a pre-survey is used to understand the specific needs of each group of educators. 

Whether you’re new to Quaver and looking to learn more about the resources or a long-time user looking for a quick refresher, these training sessions are always impactful. And here’s the best word to describe them: They’re just plain fun! 

A Collective Community of “Educator Voices”

Quaver educators create a beautiful chorus of voices that need and deserve to be heard. Our “Educator Voices” blog series highlights the success stories of teachers just like you. To read some of those stories, click on the link!

Quaver is always looking for new teachers who’d like to share their experiences with the larger community of Quaver educators. Whether you have a story about your experiences with QuaverMusic, QuaverReady, Quaver Pre-K, or QuaverHealth•PE, sign up here to add your voice to the Quaver chorus of Teacher Voices!

At QuaverEd, learning is not a passive process. It’s an active, joyous, visually vibrant process that invites educators to stand in their own, unique awesomeness and enhance their own (and each other’s) professional growth.

QuaverEd’s umbrella is both wide and wonderful, and every single Quaver teacher who stands beneath it is amazing and awesome.

That’s why Quaver’s mission – to provide the tools to help make teachers even more awesome and amazing than they already are – might be the most marvelous mission in the whole, wide world.


Kristin Clark Taylor is an author and a journalist.

For more information about QuaverEd go to www.quavered.com

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