Distance Teaching With QuaverMusic

Don’t Let School Closings Stop You From Teaching

Cloud-based teaching resources and free student accounts support hybrid learning

Easily-Built Assignments

Video Recording of Lessons

Unlimited Student Accounts

Direct Student to Teacher Communication

Automatic Logging of Student Activity

Multi-Device Compatibility

How Can QuaverMusic teachers Distribute Assignments to Students?

  1. Create a class in Teacher Admin and distribute that class code to your students (or create a single account for all students to use). Here are instructions you can send home to students.
  2. Convert a Quaver Lesson to an Assignment in Resource Manager (or create a new Assignment from scratch).
  3. Distribute Assignments to student accounts in Teacher Admin. 

Seamless Transition From Classroom to Home

Students can submit assessments and assignments, including compositions and screen recordings for student portfolios!

Schools and districts are using QuaverEd to deliver standards-based assignments, containing songs and other digital tools, for students to explore at home with their families.

Ways to Explore QuaverMusic This Summer

Digital Field Trip Lessons

2018: Musical Styles

2017: Music and Movement Around the World

2016: Digital Field Trip/End-of-Year Wrap Up

Song of the Month Lessons

QuaverMusic Song of the Month: Almost Summertime

QuaverSEL Song of the Month: Believe in Yourself

QuaverMusic Webinars

  1. Distance Teaching Product Demos: Join the Quaver training team and a small group of attendees for a live, step-by-step demo of distance teaching and a chance to get your questions answered directly. These are on the Zoom platform and last about 30 minutes.
  2. Distance Teaching Professional Development Webinars: These webinars are typically longer and speak more to best practices in teaching generally. These are hosted on YouTube live and last at least 45 minutes.

Click here to view all of our upcoming webinars!

COVID-19 Developments

We will continue to closely monitor developments and have taken steps to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees and customers. Questions or concerns can be directed to our customer support line at (866) 917-3633.

New to QuaverEd?

Our Free 30-Day Previews for General Music, Social Emotional Learning, and Full-Day Pre-K are available now to all teachers who need teaching resources to lead lessons for students at home. Your Preview account will grant you access to everything you need to make and deliver custom assignments to your students.