Quaver Pre-K Offers Dual Language Learning Resources in Spanish

Quaver Pre-K offers dual language learning resources that can easily switch from English to Spanish.


Quaver Pre-K offers a comprehensive solution for today’s prekindergarten classroom and provides teachers with resources and intentional strategies to support dual language learners through engaging play-based lessons.

Our resources include Spanish versions of 140 original Quaver songs, 64 popular children’s books, and 8 original Quaver books available in both physical and digital format. 

Additionally, all child-facing resources are available in both English and Spanish. When you launch screens of an executable lesson from the Curriculum Menu, you can toggle between languages by clicking the “Menu” button on the bottom left of your screen. You can then choose Español or English. 

You can also easily change the language by selecting English or Español before opening a resource in your Teacher Toolbox.

While there are many great resources available for dual language learners in Quaver Pre-K, one we’ll highlight below is our story “Boobam and Songbird Put on a Parade.” With this (and all of our stories), you can choose for the story to be read in English or Spanish. Each story comes with prompts for story elements and a list of embedded vocabulary. 

There are tons of resources available for all of your dual language curriculum needs, and we’re excited for you to explore them!


We are very interested to hear what you’d like to read about in our upcoming blog posts! Share your ideas or feel free to ask us any questions at Info@QuaverEd.com or make a post on our QuaverPrek Teachers Facebook Group! 

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