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Supplemental Resources

QuaverHealth•PE provides additional tools and resources for educators with every license. You can use many of these resources to involve the entire school community.

Build a Strong Community

Our Community Resources provide educators with approved websites, community visitor suggestions, and fun school and community-wide project ideas that broaden and enrich the teaching of each module.

Bring Learning Home

QuaverHealth•PE knows the impact parents, caregivers, and guardians can have in their children’s health activity. Parent Resources include several lessons that can be done from home!

Access Curated Content

Educators can find a curated set of resources for short lessons, student interactives, songs, and quizzes in the Health Toolbox. With these tools, teachers can enhance every lesson with engaging activities in English and Spanish.

Implement PE Skills

QuaverHealth•PE organizes for you! In the PE Toolbox, teachers can find Warm-Ups, Physical Skills, Gym Games, Songs with Movement, and more tools!

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