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Admin Tools

Robust customization abilities help make differentiation easy for all classrooms. With Resource Manager, the powerful tool inside the QuaverHealth•PE platform, all teachers can: 

  • Search for lessons based on topic or keyword.
  • Create interactive quizzes, slideshows, and video screens.
  • Import resources from the Internet.
  • Share custom lessons with those in their district.

Utilize Student Admin

QuaverHealth•PE make classroom management easier. Through Student Admin, teachers can effortlessly and effectively manage attendance, grades, assignments, and student accounts across multiple classes.

Quaver Support

The Power of Professional Development

We believe in unlocking educators’ potential with QuaverPD. Through our video tutorials, educators improve their skills, better student learning outcomes, and apply for PD credit. 

The Support You Need

In QuaverHealth•PE, you’ll find helpful videos and articles to understand the functionality and use of the product. If you’re in need of additional assistance, our Customer Support Team is available via phone, email, and social media.