Lesson Structure

QuaverHealth•PE offers 196 K-5 Health and PE lessons that can be used by any school professional including physical education teachers, health educators, school counselors, and classroom teachers. As detailed below, our platform allows you to select between teaching health or PE alone or health and PE together. Whether you teach from a gym, classroom, or outdoors, our lessons are flexible to fit your needs. Lessons are organized into eight modules with each module containing four week-long lessons.

Teaching a PE Lesson

Whether in a gym or outside, PE teachers can use these lessons to teach motor skills, games, lifelong fitness activities, and social skills. Students will learn and apply sporting behavior and motor skills with every lesson while having opportunities for self-assessment, reflection, and goal-setting.

Teaching a Health Lesson

Any educator tasked with teaching health can teach key health concepts centered around four dimensions of health: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Educators can teach with three different approaches — Lesson View, Daily Dose, Health + PE. For example, a school health educator, nurse, or counselor can teach an entire 45-minute lesson (as shown below), whereas a classroom teacher can use smaller activities in a morning home room class or as a brain break.

Teaching a Health and PE Lesson

For PE teachers tasked with teaching both Health and PE, our interactive lessons easily integrate into any educator’s schedule. With movement-based activities and videos, you can seamlessly introduce health concepts and teach PE skills.

Customizing Your Lessons

In addition to using our 196 pre-built lessons, educators can easily support differentiation needs through Resource Manager, our powerful customization tool.

QuaverHealth•PE’s functionality makes it easy to add and remove screens by simply dragging and dropping.

Resource Creation allows you to customize lessons by easily adding your own videos, quizzes, playlists and more.

QuaverHealth•PE also comes with a complete suite of ready-made assignments. Use these or modify them in a way that fits your needs.

Students can easily access and complete assignments in their student accounts.

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