Building School-Community Workshop

Foster School Community

It’s essential to involve families, staff, and students to ensure student success. Our expert team designed our Building School-Community Workshop to help foster community inside and outside of school. This full-day workshop offers strategies to engage all stakeholders.

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What You Can Expect

  • Identify the impact of a collaborative and engaged school community.
  • Explore the role of communication and collaboration for all stakeholders.
  • Discuss and participate in instant activities and strategies to build trust across your school community.

Prior to our course, we offer a Needs Assessment. Results will help guide our planning and discussion. Educators will leave with tailored resources such as our Community Challenges and Parent Connections Newsletter. 

The home is the child’s first school. Parents are the child’s first teachers.

fostering community

The impact of families on a child’s learning doesn’t stop when children begin school. A thriving school is created by a supportive community. Family and community engagement must be an ongoing priority for educators and school leaders.

According to the TN Department of Education, over 40 years of research is clear. When schools, families, and communities work together to support learning, students:

Earn Higher Grades

Show Improved Social Skill

Have Better Attendance

Graduate and Continue School

Investment: $150 per participant 

*Minimum of 30

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We’ve created these workshops so that all educators in the school building will find value in them.

At this time, we offer two workshops: Educator Well-Being and Building School Community. You can also contact us to explore customized workshops.

A workshop costs $150 per participant with a minimum of 30 participants. You can pay with a Purchase Order, credit card, or _____.

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We’d be happy to virtually meet and discuss the challenges your specific educators are facing. That way we can determine which workshop would be the best fit. Find a time that’s right for you here.

In addition to workshops, we offer training, professional learning, and implementation! Learn more about our services here.

Our workshops are designed for every educator! Related arts teachers, counselors, classroom teachers, and additional faculty and staff will find value in our professional learning workshops.

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