Celebrate You-Nique Week with QuaverEd!

Celebrate students’ You-Nique strengths and qualities at the end of the year with You-Nique Week! From May 15 to 19, we’re encouraging schools to bring this popular song to life with printables, movement games, and more activities below!

Feel free to share these resources with fellow educators as we spread the power of this beloved song with those around the world!

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Ideas for Teachers

During the week, you can incorporate the following music, movement, and general activities your students will love! On the last day of the week, have the entire school wear something that makes them You-Nique!

Music-based Activities

In QuaverMusic, you will find Orff Scores for a variety of instruments. Use these to analyze notation as students prepare to play “You-Nique.” Find these by searching “You-Nique” in ClassPlay and looking under printables.

We’ve also created the My You-Nique Rhythm & Melody Worksheet as a fun way for students to apply what they’ve learned throughout the school year.

For brave, put your hands on your hips.
For strong, flex your arm muscles.
For loved, wrap your arms around your body.
For smart, give the two thumbs up.
For You-Nique, raise your hands high into the sky.

Movement-Based Activities

While listening to the song, have students stand up and perform these poses that connect to the 5 affirmations in the song.

In QuaverHealth•PE, you can find two new PE games that incorporate SEL and movement! In the gym, classroom, or outside, You-Nique Tag and Just Like Me can be used as a brain break or part of your lesson. Remember, you can try QuaverHealth•PE FREE for 30 days and find these activities under Spring’s Featured Resources.

General You-Nique Activities

Take some time out of the school day and encourage students to consider what makes them special with our My Me ID Printable or What Makes You-Nique?

Try a day of You-Nique Spies. Have students draw a classmate’s name and secretly watch them for unique acts of kindness during the day. At the end of the day, students can reveal themselves to their secret person and share what they did that was kind! 

Promote a culture of caring with an activity we’re calling Classmates Traits. Have students sit in a circle and write their names on pieces of paper. Then, have students pass their papers to their classmates. They can write a compliment on their classmate’s paper, and continue passing until all students receive their paper back, filled with kind words. This is a great way to wrap up the year as a class and remember how many friends they’ve made!

Bulletin Board Ideas

Check out these You-Nique Bulletin Boards from fellow educators! Remember, students can download their Avatars. Many Quaver educators have students submit their avatars via email or a Google assignment, print them, and place them on the bulletin board.

Another idea is to feature some of the staff in the building on your bulletin board with what makes them unique. This a great way for students to learn more about the adults in the school!

Have a colleague who doesn’t have QuaverEd yet? Share this one-pager with them so they can participate!

Send any photos or videos of students (with approval from parents) singing “You-Nique” to YouNiqueWeek@QuaverEd.com. If you feel comfortable, you can also include your school name or city, and state. We plan to make a montage video featuring all of YOU!


You-Nique Week is May 15 – 19. There are many ways for students and educators to participate! With the song on our YouTube, we’ve made it accessible to everyone! We have activities that involve music, movement, SEL, and more, which you can find above.

All educators can engage their students with the song and activities, whether they have a QuaverEd license or not. Regardless of what subject you teach, we’ve provided a variety of fun ways to bring the song to life in your classes.

Our QuaverShop has stickers, pencils, and t-shirts available for purchase!

Yes! Find them in our newest song “Boost Your Empathy” on YouTube and in QuaverReady. In QuaverReady, they are also in “Be True to Yourself” and in the story “Sonder and Ben Meet Captain Rewind.” You can find all of these resources by searching in QuaverReady’s Resource Manager.

We encourage you to share photos and videos on social media (with permission from students’ parents). Use the #YouNiqueWeek and tag @QuaverEd!

You can also share them with us by emailing YouNiqueWeek@QuaverEd.com.

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