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Free SEL Resources for MNPS

This school year continues to present new and challenging situations for teachers across the country.

And even here in our own backyard, we want to help keep you connected to your students when they need you the most–in the classroom and at home.

That is why QuaverEd’s President has approved free access to QuaverSEL resources from now until the end of the 2020-21 school year for all MNPS schools and teachers.

Resources support learning and engagement for grades PK-5 in traditional-school setting, virtual, or hybrid models. 

Get Access for Your School

Every MNPS PK-5 school has been loaded into our system with free access. The instructions to sign up are below. It is easy to navigate and can be used right away upon returning to school.

Instructions to Access QuaverSEL Resources

1. Visit to sign up.

All users should create a new account – even if you already use a Quaver resource in your school. 

2. Enter in the code: STRONG

3. Enter in your information.

4. Select your ESC region or type of institution from the School dropdown, and click:


5. Create a unique Username and Password and click:


Welcome screen, create username for QuaverSEL

Once in your QuaverSEL account, bookmark the login to return anytime with your new account.

All of QuaverSEL is yours to explore! We’ve created an easy to follow four-week sequence of Back-to-School assignments by clicking Resource Manager and searching “Back-to-School”

Ongoing Professional Development

Join the Quaver training team and a small group of attendees for a live, step-by-step demo of distance teaching and a chance to get your questions answered directly. These are on the Zoom platform and last about 30 minutes.

Click here to view all of our upcoming webinars!

About the QuaverSEL Curriculum

Join QuaverEd instructional coach and curriculum contributor Sharon Cho in a short overview of QuaverSEL and a walkthrough of one fourth grade lesson.

A Four-Week Plan for the New School Year

Build a strong student-teacher bond from day one with ready-to-use lessons sequenced for the first month of this unique school year. Each 30-45 minutes lesson includes five activities that can be delivered in person or in a remote environment, using the educator’s QuaverSEL account.


Find these resources on your Teacher Dashboard by clicking the Learn at Home icon.

Each lesson can be used to lead synchronous instruction via live stream or can be delivered to students for asynchronous learning.

These adaptable resources are also available for customization in Resource Manager or the Quaver Assignments panel of Teacher Admin by searching “Learn-at-Home.”

Start the new year strong, with a school wide solution for social and emotional development to ignite academic success!

Teachers and Counselors Talk QuaverSEL

Hear directly from classroom teachers, school counselors, and SEL specialists using QuaverSEL in their classrooms across the country and in the Sunshine State.


From our Music Row headquarters to your classroom or kitchen table, QuaverEd is here to support the teachers and students of Florida in this difficult time. Please let us know if you have questions or need further help to implement these resources.