Student Accounts

The Student Accounts section allows teachers to manage student accounts for their classes. Classes must be created in order to add or remove students.

➤ Use the video tutorials and help article to learn about Student Accounts.

Adding Student Accounts

There are 5 ways to add a student account to a class:


To add an existing student account to a new class, a username is all that is needed.

  1. Click on Student Accounts within the Student Admin dashboard.
  2. Select the class the existing student will be added to.
  3. Click “Add Existing Student Account” to enter student information.
  4. A student username is required, but you can also add Student ID, First Name, Last Name, and Display Name.
  5. Click “Save” to add an existing student to your class roster.



Steps to Auto-Generate Student Accounts in the Student Accounts icon:

  1. Select the class where you would like to auto-generate the student accounts.
  2. Click on “Add Student Accounts” to open the “Add Student(s)” screen.
  3. Click on the “Auto-Generate Student Accounts” button.
  4. Enter the desired number of student accounts. Click “SAVE”, then click “Ok” to create these accounts.

You can also do this when initially creating the class in the Classes area:

  1. Launch Student Admin and then click on “Classes” to create a class.
  2. If you are creating a new class, click on “Add New Class” and then fill in the required fields with the red asterisks in the “Class Details.”
  3. Check the box next to “Auto-Generate Student Accounts” and type in the number of student accounts needed (it will default to 10).
  4.  Be sure to Save it when you are finished.

Choose one of these methods if:

  • Students are old enough to remember their logins.
  • Teacher plans to manually enter student names, enable student-led name entry, and is not concerned with seeing student names.
  • District does not have Google accounts or use an SSO platform.


  1. From the Teacher Dashboard, go to Student Admin and click on Student Accounts.
  2. Select the class you would like to add student accounts for.
  3. Click on “Add Student Accounts” and then “Student Importer” to open up the “Student Roster Importer.”
  4. You will need to fill out an excel file with student information. Notice that there are links here to help with this process, including a Template to fill in, an example file, and a full guide. The only information that is required is the class code and student email address. Use the Class Code from the Class you created. You can edit all other information later if needed.
  5. Upload your completed file and submit. Quaver will create the student accounts. You can view these in the Classes section of Student Admin.

Choose this method if:

  • Students are old enough to remember their logins.
  • Teacher is interested in data like student ID and names for all students.
  • Teacher or IT team can create a spreadsheet of student information.
  • District does not have Google accounts or use an SSO platform.


  1. Create a class in the Classes section of Student Admin. This will generate a class code . For more information on creating a class, click here.
  2. Have students visit and click the “Sign Up!” link followed by the “STUDENT” button.
  3. Students enter the “Class Code” given to them by the teacher then click CONTINUE .

This will prompt the students to create their own username and password. The username and password must be at least 6 letters or numbers each! Students confirm the password and click the SUBMIT button to finish. Student usernames will appear in the classes they registered for and teachers will be able to edit fields such as their student name and username.

Choose this method if:

  • Students are old enough to remember their logins.
  • The teacher doesn’t mind manually entering student names, enabling student-led name entry, or is not concerned with seeing student names.
  • Your district does not have Google accounts or use an SSO platform.


Single Sign On with QuaverEd is when a user logs into QuaverEd from another platform. This means the user does not need to create or enter any Quaver-specific credentials. To set this up, have your fine arts administrator, curriculum director or your Lead District IT personnel contact our team at

A Single Sign-on integration offers three main benefits:

  1. Simplified User Access: Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it easier for users to access QuaverEd by allowing them to log in using a familiar district platform. This is especially powerful for students who may find it challenging to remember where to login and what credentials to enter across the many educational apps they use.
  2. Reduced Manual Data Entry: When users access Quaver from another platform using SSO, Quaver can pull key information such as names into our program. This way when students enter a class code to enroll in a Quaver class, their name will be populated into the teacher’s Quaver roster automatically! There is no need for teachers to enter student names manually.
  3. Automated Rostering: Quaver supports automated rostering integrations, in which Quaver classes and rosters are automatically synced with the data in your district’s Student Information System. In other words, your district “creates” your Quaver classes for you! Automated rostering can only be done in tandem with SSO integration.

Editing Student Accounts

To edit student information, archive the student, or reset their password, select a student and click the green EDIT STUDENT button. Alternatively, you can select MENU >  EDIT STUDENT.

Once you have entered any necessary information, click SAVE.

When you right-click on an account, you can edit the student information, remove it from class, or copy the selected cell to your clipboard.

Enable grid editing:

Select Enable Grid Editing to directly edit any tile without prompting an edit student window.

Once you have completed your edits, be sure to uncheck Enable Grid Editing.

Removing Student Accounts

Select the class you would like to remove a student from then select the student you would like to remove.

Click the red REMOVE FROM CLASS button.

A pop-up will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove that student. Click OK.

The student is now removed from the class!

The student will no longer be able to view the class but can be re-added at any time by clicking ADD STUDENT ACCOUNTS > ADD EXISTING STUDENT ACCOUNT.