After the Storm, Quaver brings Sunshine

“It’s helping me get my kids back on track.”

By Kristin Clark Taylor

We are, all of us, still emerging from the fury of a global pandemic. For almost three years, that storm raged long and hard. 

But the clouds are lifting, and the sun is beginning to shine.

Tresa Waggoner, a music teacher at Elwell Elementary in Johnstown, Colorado, says she feels the bright light of this sunshine every single day, and much of it comes from QuaverMusic, but challenges still remain.

“We lost a couple of years,” Tresa” reflects. “Our students are still struggling.”

Happily, and with great gratitude, Tresa also describes how Quaver has stepped in to help address her student’s needs. 

“Quaver’s customizability helps me address these learning gaps,” she says. 

“When I see that many of my 5th-graders still aren’t ready for sharps and flats, for instance, I just go to the 3rd-grade tab or the 4th-grade tab, and I know I’ll find something more suitable; more teachable.”

“I teach them what they’re ready to learn,” she says. “The learning never stops. It just changes a little bit, based on what my students need.”

The Power of Technology 

Tresa says Quaver’s easy-to-use and highly advanced technology is another plus. The cloud-based curriculum helps her meet her students right where they are – wherever they are.

“Let’s face it,” she says honestly. “Everyone has gaming devices at home! My students are already familiar with the technology, so they’re already prepared to engage – and when they engage, they have fun. Thank you, Quaver!”

In addition to engaging the students and addressing their specific needs, Quaver’s cloud-based curriculum helps school districts meet mandated state standards as well. “One of our state standards is the integration of technology,” Tresa says. 

She was first introduced to Quaver while attending the Oklahoma Music Educators Association Conference and was impressed with the technology.

“I was able to come back to my administration and say, ‘Okay, here’s a great resource I just found that will allow me to incorporate technology into the curriculum and engage students at all levels and competencies,” she remembers. “It represented a lot of benefits on a lot of different levels.”

Quaver’s a Confidence-Booster!

Tresa says that using Quaver in her classroom has also proved to be a confidence booster for her students: “When they go up the screen to engage in a Quaver lesson, it not only tests their knowledge and showcases their talent but it boosts their self-confidence, too!”

“The other classmates cheer them on, and you can just feel the pride they feel in themselves and each other! Sometimes I’ll let the student at the screen select the next student to go up. They love that!”

She lists “The Instrument Crane Game” and “Hootie the Owl” as favorites.

“They love the interactivity,” she says, “and the healthy competition.”

“Hooty Owl Vowel” Vocal Warm-Up

There’s lots to love about Quaver, and Tresa Waggoner is grateful for it all.

Proof positive that the sun rises after the storm.

Kristin Clark Taylor is an author and a journalist. 




For more information on QuaverMusic, go to www.quavered.com.

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