Back-to-School Kickoff 2023

Thank you to all who joined us live July 26-27 for our Back-to-School Kickoff! We’ve curated some of the sessions below for your on-demand viewing. Click here to apply for PD credit. We know PD requirements vary, so please check with your district.

General Sessions:

This Just In: New Dashboard Functionality

We know every educator uses our resources differently, that’s why we’ve added a customizable dashboard and inbox. This session will teach you how to personalize your Quaver workspace this school year!

QuaverMusic Sessions:

QuaverMusic for Beginners

Join us for this introductory-level training as we learn the basics of the QuaverMusic platform. 

Explore More in QuaverMusic, Fine Tune Your QuaverMusic Knowledge

Haven’t had time to explore all that QuaverMusic has to offer? In this session, we uncover engaging content and helpful functionality to take your QuaverMusic knowledge to the next level. 

Let’s Get Creative(s)

Help students learn to love making music with Creatives, our easy-to-use composition tools. We’ll share easy ways to incorporate Creatives into your lessons.

All About Rhythm Resources

We’ll spotlight the most popular rhythm activities and demonstrate how to break them down for your students.

QuaverReady Sessions:

QuaverReady for Beginners

Join us for an introductory-level training as we learn the basics of the QuaverReady platform. 

Leveling up – Advanced Quaver Ready

We’ll look more in-depth at QuaverReady resources and what they bring to your school community.        

Brain Breaks to Energize Students

Let’s explore a variety of quick, effective brain break resources in QuaverReady. We will provide ideas to re-engage students through music, movement, and mindfulness.

Understanding SEL and its Benefits

In this session, we’ll define Social-Emotional Learning, discuss the impact it has on school culture, and unpack the benefits for students and educators. 

Incorporating SEL into Your Day

How do you incorporate SEL into your day? Let’s come together as a community to talk about best practices and set new ways to seamlessly integrate SEL into the school day. 

How To: Create a Caring School Culture

Let’s take a look at school, community, and culture from an administrative perspective. We’ll discuss innovative ideas and new techniques for improving the school environment to support an engaging and positive learning experience for all. 

Expert Panel: Building School Community

We’re bringing together experts in the field to share their perspectives on creating a strong school community. Various educators and staff will give insight into the ways they make a positive impact on students.

Classroom Management: Techniques for All

No matter your teaching experience, you’ll learn something new about classroom management! Let’s discuss best practices and new tricks for setting up your learning space for success this school year.

QuaverHealth•PE Sessions:

QuaverHealth•PE for Beginners

Join us virtually for this introductory-level training as we learn the basics of the QuaverHealth•PE platform. 

Health Lessons at a Glance

In this session, we unpack how to use our Health lessons and toolbox. We also explore how health resources can be used in any learning space. 

Score Big with these go-to activities

We’ll spotlight the most popular activities from the toolbox and demonstrate how to break them down for your students. 

PE Lessons at a Glance

We’ll explore PE lessons and toolbox resources that can be used wherever you teach!