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QuaverMusic is a PreK-8 General Music Curriculum!

QuaverMusic is a standards-aligned curriculum with 36 weeks and 160 lessons designed and curated by experts. Our digital curriculum follows various pedagogies including Kodály, Orff, and M.L.T. Unlock the benefits of technology with interactive scores and engaging videos.

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Featured Resource

QuaverMusic recently released a collection of Freedom Songs highlighting the gospel music genre. The collection will accompany lessons, activities, interviews, and interactives to engage today’s students with a uniquely American musical style.

Check out “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing!”

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Supplemental Resources

Students Become Creative Composers

Our easy-to-use composition tools open the door for students to create their own music inside their own accounts. As students apply the lessons they’ve learned, they unlock their creativity.

Exciting Content to Inspire Learning

ClassPlay is a song resource library with thousands of interactive activities. With Kodaly, Orff, and MLT based lessons, educators can extend songs to incorporate dance, movement, Solfège, instruments, and full scores.

Quaver Support

The Power of Professional Development

We believe in unlocking educators’ potential with QuaverPD. We offer on-site trainings on a number of topics, including technology integration, curriculum planning, or distance teaching and learning! Educators can also access our video tutorials to improve their skills, better student learning outcomes, and obtain PD credit. 

A Support Team just for You

With QuaverSupport, our educators are never alone. Our Customer Support Team is available via phone, email, and social media. Whether you’re in need of troubleshooting tips or struggling to use the product, our team is dedicated to providing solutions.

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