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Quaver Ready graphic showing various resources available with Quaver Ready. These include CASEL-Aligned lessons, Brain breaks resources, family and community engagement, implementation, administrator and educator support, and intervention services.

QuaverReady offers a comprehensive approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) for students and educators. Our fully digital platform provides resources and support to all stakeholders.

Create a culture of caring and ensure students are ready to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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MTSS Resources To Reach All Learners

QuaverReady offers a tiered approach that considers all students and circumstances. Our evidence-based curriculum and engaging resources reach Tier 1, 2, and 3 learners. Educators can use QuaverReady on interactive displays or individual devices to support social-emotional learning.



QuaverReady provides 36 ready-to-use lessons for each grade PreK-5. These lessons cover all five CASEL competencies and contain a variety of interactive screens, songs, and activities to engage students.

Brain breaks

Brain Breaks

Brain breaks re-energize and refocus students through physical movement or mindful activity. Educators can reinforce SEL skills, foster classroom discussion, and improve behavior in under ten minutes.



Our intervention resources provide educators with various tools to meet the needs of Tier 2 and 3 learners. QuaverReady offers four interventions: Individual Interventions, Small Group Interventions, Behavior Resources, and Peace Corner Resources.

The Power of Music in SEL Instruction

QuaverReady is packed with engaging songs that reinforce key messages to every grade and skill level.

Educators can also access Spanish versions of all songs and animations.

Coming to QuaverReady in Summer 2023

We are always introducing new content, innovative lessons, and improved features. Click below to learn more about the upcoming updates to QuaverReady!

Professional Learning

Teachers gathered at a table going through curriculum training.

Curriculum Training

The QuaverEd Training Team consists of passionate and knowledgeable product experts with previous teaching experience.

QuaverReady training can be done in person, virtually, or on demand.

A Quaver Ed coach instructing a teacher on how to use Quaver Ready

PLC Video Series

Our newest professional learning series is designed to support educators and school leaders as they implement QuaverReady.

Hear from QuaverEd’s Vice President of Communications and Training in this Introductory Video.

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Professional Development

We believe PD unlocks educators’ potential, improves skills, and enhances student learning.

We offer sessions on topics such as trauma-informed and restorative practices, as well as cross-curricular connections.

Visit our Educator Voices blog to read success stories with QuaverEd!

Engaging Families and Communities

QuaverReady welcomes families and communities. We have numerous resources to promote inclusion and participation.

Our Brain Breaks can be shared with parents to help build SEL skills at home. Our Community Projects allow students to apply lessons they are learning and make an impact on their community. We also send regular newsletters to help keep parents up-to-date on student lessons.

A family looking at Quaver Ready on a tablet.

Evidence-Based Solutions

A study of the effectiveness of QuaverReady (formerly QuaverSEL) found that students receiving instruction using QuaverReady achieved significantly greater growth in social and emotional skills than their peers who did not receive QuaverReady instruction.

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