QuaverMusic OnDemand

Getting Started with QuaverMusic

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on getting started with QuaverMusic! In this video, we’ll delve into the powerful features of the QuaverMusic. 

Take it to the Next Level: A Deeper Dive into your QuaverMusic Curriculum!

In this session, you will learn how to personalize QuaverMusic to meet your unique needs! Explore our Resource Manager in depth and learn how to customize lessons and even create your own!

QuaverMusic Assessments

Join us as we discuss resources and strategies you can implement with your students to assess their music skills. Join us for ideas on keeping your students engaged and learning through the end of the school with QuaverMusic!

Student Admin

In this video, we will share how you can use the Student Admin Panel!

Taking Songs to the Stage

Find inspiration for song groupings to create a thematic performance for every season. We will look at performance ideas to celebrate fall, winter, spring, and summer occasions. You won’t want to miss this call to the stage. Find the handout for this session here.

Explore and Play Through Orff

Bring Orff into your classroom! Take a deep dive into the Orff process using digital resources to unpack the process of teaching an Orff arrangement from exploration to performance.

Dance Choreo: Here We Go!

This session will focus on the art of dance and how to utilize digital resources to get your students up and moving! Classroom teachers will leave with original choreographies from our music trainer, Lesley Dennis, as well as tools and strategies for creating your own with students!

Help! I have a Substitute Teacher!

Out for the day? In Quaver, you can provide a digital folder for your substitute and send assignments directly to students. Learn how to make it easy for you and your sub in this session

Teaching to the Choir

Break the ice and get students excited using choral resources like songs, warmups, and much more. Teachers will leave with ready-to-use ways to engage every grade level in their school’s choir.

Unlock the Composer in Every Child

Join Quaver (Graham Hepburn) to harness the power of digital tools and make composing accessible for every student – you will not want to miss this session!

Jazz it Up: Personalizing Instruction

Creating personalized resource screens tailored to your lessons has never been easier. From this teacher’s point of view and past experiences, we will explore how to create engaging custom resources for your students. Find the handout for this session here.

Let’s Get Creative(s)!

Help students learn to love making music with Creatives, our easy-to-use composition tools. We’ll share easy ways to incorporate Creatives into your lessons.

All About Rhythm Resources

We’ll spotlight the most popular rhythm activities and demonstrate how to break them down for your students.