QuaverEd Music Madness 2024

Our 7th annual Music Madness has come to an end!

Music Madness is a bracket-style tournament where, each week from February 26 to April 1, various songs representative of the four seasons squared off! Students voted for the songs they wanted to see progress. It was a great opportunity for students to analyze music and think critically.

View the 2024 Winner Announcement Video.

Kick off the Tournament with Gwenda and Quaver!

Our hosts, Gwenda and Quaver, are here to introduce this year’s matchups. Educators can play this video for students and learn ways to use Music Madness resources in their classrooms.

My students absolutely LOVE Music Madness! I have my students fill out the bracket themselves before voting starts with their predictions for which songs will win. I keep track, and the students who have the most accurate brackets when the results are in receive a prize! This is something my students look forward to all year.”
– Melody Jenkins, @TheChromaticMusicTeacher


Votes are entered through the Google form above.

Students can vote on their own using a personal device or teachers can submit a vote on behalf of a class!

We know school schedules vary so we provide the resources for you to implement Music Madness in a way that works best for you and your students. Many teachers will print the bracket on a poster and display it in their classroom. As the tournament progresses, he or she will update the bracket based on how the Quaver Community votes. We will provide the results and updated brackets on this page at the end of each round.