How to Buy

QuaverEd’s programs are licensed to districts, schools, and individual teachers. Pricing varies based on the program, license length, and number of licensed users. Districts may choose longer licenses to take advantage of adoption cycles and additional training and integration services.

We rely on regional Sales Directors to communicate with and provide customers the best experience. Use our interactive map below to find and contact your state representative. You may also contact us to request a quote or ask any questions.

Find Your Sales Director

Click on any state to view the corresponding Sales Director’s contact information.

*Additional Territories

  • Khalid Daniels: Washington, DC | (629) 702-7387 |


QuaverEd has four major curricula that we license: QuaverMusic, QuaverReady, Quaver Pre-K, and QuaverHealth•PE. They all have different prices per year. You can order licenses for separate grades (minimum of 3 grades) and for terms of up to 8 years. To get a quote, contact the Sales Director for your state. See the QSupport Menu for Live Contact information.

All licenses include unlimited free student accounts, free training, free integrations support for district-wide purchases, and free content and functionality updates multiple times per year.

Your district/school is expected to pay the state sales tax on any purchase in addition to a credit card charge if used.

All licenses have Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

License Changes

Licenses need to change for a number of reasons, which include:

  • Changing the teacher assigned to the license
  • Changing the school associated with the license
  • Extending the term of the license 
  • Changing the grades included in the license

These changes can be done by your IT department or Subject Supervisor using the License Manager on their Dashboard under the QDEX icon. Alternatively, you can call QuaverEd Customer Service toll-free for assistance: (866) 917-3633.

Payment & Invoices

Customers: To pay your invoice, ask questions about the status of your payment, or receive a copy of your invoice, our Accounts Receivable department can help! Please call us at (615) 922-2018 or email us at

Vendors: Need to know where to send an invoice or want to check on the status of an invoice? Please call our Accounts Payable department at (615) 922-2021 or email us at

If you have other order-related questions, please contact our Sales Support department at (866) 917-3633 or send us an email at