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QuaverMusic is taught in over 18,000 schools worldwide, reaching nearly seven million students. In addition, we partner with some of the largest school districts across America and non-profit organizations such as NAfME and NMAAM. Since 2013, QuaverMusic has broken barriers in music education with a digital platform that makes teaching and learning music seriously fun.

Preschool teacher using Quaver Music on an interactive board to teach her students that are sitting in front of her.

QuaverMusic has over 6,500 culturally diverse, interactive resources. Music educators can find a rich variety of animated songs that follow Kodaly, Orff, and M.L.T. pedagogies. Lessons include interactive scores, multiple instruments, and feature music from various eras and styles. Every lesson and resource can be quickly customized to allow each student to master the concepts presented.

Screenshot of "Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing" music video created by Quaver Ed

QuaverMusic supports in-person, distant, and hybrid learning with unlimited student accounts. Single Sign On and Rostering Integrations allow students to easily access their accounts, submit assignments, use grade-appropriate composition tools, and explore varying aspects of music. With robust and efficient accessibility, you can access QuaverMusic’s browser-based application from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

Woman works on computer to plan a lesson using cloud-based teaching resources on a laptop.

“I don’t want to teach without Quaver,” said Ally Scott, one QuaverMusic teacher. QuaverMusic surveyed 2,356 teachers who anonymously gave outstanding scores in terms of ease of use, impact on teacher job satisfaction, student retention, reduction in behavioral problems, and more. 95% of teachers scored Quaver above average on all these impact measures. QuaverMusic effectively and appropriately reaches the needs of ALL users — teachers, students, and parents.

Student Impact chart that displays increased percentages of overall satisfaction using QuaverEd products.

With QuaverMusic, lesson planning is easy and efficient. Teachers can use our ready-made lessons and user-friendly functionality. QuaverMusic also develops custom resources to meet specific district objectives. Built-in functionality provides easy options for sharing classroom lesson plans, reports, and data with school administration. We value our relationship with our users, and we use teacher feedback to update our content and functionality four times a year.

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Children smiling in a classroom with a Quaver Health PE hygiene skills video on a smart board behind them

Elementary Health Lessons

QuaverHealth•PE’s curriculum covers health concepts including:

  • General Health
  • Social Behavior
  • Decision Making
  • Hygiene Habits
  • Mental Health
  • Healthy Eating
  • Illness Prevention
  • Personal Safety
An elementary school teacher using Quaver Music games on a smartboard to teach her students


Bring music to life with teacher-friendly lessons that students will love!

A little girl and boy looking at each other and smiling while clapping along to Quaver Ready songs


Help students succeed in school with our comprehensive SEL program.

Four Quaver Pre-K students smiling together on a bench

Quaver Pre-K

Play, discover, and grow with a full day of music-fueled exploration for your youngest learners.

Elementary school children participating in Quaver Health PE movement videos


Strengthen the bodies and minds of today’s students with engaging health and PE resources.

Additional Features

Spanish Resources

QuaverHealth•PE offers Spanish translations to meet the needs of Dual-Language learners. Our team of translators ensures the Spanish versions of songs and animations are age-appropriate and catchy.


We recognize and value the diverse needs of every student. Our mission is to meet all users where they are, regardless of their learning style or access needs. Our QuaverHealth•PE curriculum offers printable transcripts, audio descriptions, keyboard navigation, and more!

Additional Features

Spanish Resources

QuaverEd offers Spanish translations to meet the needs of Dual-Language learners. Our team of translators ensures the Spanish versions of songs and animations are age-appropriate and catchy.


QuaverEd is committed to a fully accessible user experience. As one of the largest teams in QuaverEd’s Content Department, our accessibility professionals are solely dedicated to making all QuaverEd’s curricula fully accessible.