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Free Video and Printable Resources

Resources for teachers, counselors, parents, and caregivers!

Free QuaverSEL Song of the Month

This month’s song is Keep Juggling Your Feelings. This song focuses on the many feelings that we may experience and how those feelings can be confusing. But we have the capability to handle those feelings in a positive way.

Song Activity Ideas:

Activity Idea #1 (5 minutes): Identify and Discuss

Before listening to the song, try to identify what you are feeling today. Listen to the song one time, paying special attention to how many emotion words are mentioned. Was the emotion you identified before listening mentioned in the song? What do you think the song is saying? What does the song mean?

Activity Idea #2 (5 minutes): Active Listening

Before listening to the song, take 20 seconds to list as many emotion words that you can think of. Listen carefully to the song and cross off any of the words that are mentioned. Listen to the song one more time. What emotion words can you add to your list? After listening to the song the second time, discuss: What do you hear in the song? What does the song make you think? What does the song make you wonder?

Printable Resources

Want easy ways to engage students with activities that may be done on the computer or the kitchen table? Check out our free QuaverSEL printables below:

My Emotions Journal worksheet

Emotion check-ins are important because they help us identify how we are feeling so that we can better know how to respond to those feelings. COVID-19 and distance learning have caused us to feel many feelings at the same time. Use the My Emotions Journal to help identify feelings and how to work through those feelings.

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Anger Think Sheet worksheet

To help yourself and others deal with conflict, use the Anger Think Sheet. Identify the feelings that you experienced from the conflict, and begin to process what you need from others to help calm down. Tip: Ask all involved in the conflict to fill out an Anger Think Sheet. Once everyone is calm, you can invite each person to share their answers in order to work towards resolving the conflict. 

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Webinars – Product Demos and Professional Development

  1. Distance Teaching Product Demos: Join the Quaver training team and a small group of attendees for a live, step-by-step demo of distance teaching and a chance to get your questions answered directly. These are on the Zoom platform and last about 30 minutes.
  2. Distance Teaching Professional Development Webinars: This summer we are hosting Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as a way for you to connect with other educators! QuaverEd will host the meetings, and our SEL Ambassadors will facilitate discussions. PLCs occur twice a month and revolve around our summer theme: Reclaim Your Summer.

Tuesday, June 9 – Inspiration and Reflection

Tuesday, June 23 – Reflect on New Learning

Tuesday, July 7 – Rest and Recover

Tuesday, July 28 – Rest and Recover

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