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We are excited to share with you a collection of resources for Music, Health, PE, Pre-K, and Readiness Skills. This can be used to keep learning alive over the summer and promote family engagement.

In this Summer Toolkit, there’s something for everyone!

We’re not your standard curriculum provider.

Our family of brands goes beyond required standards to provide a thoughtfully curated curriculum, extensive resources, and educator support.

Music, movement, and creativity benefit all students and play an important role in learning. Each curriculum offers a multitude of resources that encourage participation, discussion, and collaboration.

A Family of Curricula for Everyone

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Our PreK-8 music curriculum features 36 weeks of standards-aligned, customizable, digital resources.

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Help all students succeed with our powerful social and emotional curriculum perfect for school counselors and classroom teachers.

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Grow stronger bodies and minds with our K-5 curriculum built for anyone tasked with teaching Health and PE.

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