Professional Learning

Quaver PLC

Our Professional Learning Community offers a variety of topics and formats to support educators. From interviews with subject-matter experts to courses on classroom management, QuaverPLC provides the tools to teach with confidence!

Leaders in Education

We hold monthly discussions with leaders and subject-matter experts. These filmed sessions delve into trending educational topics, providing useful insights and strategies for all educators.

Laptop playing a Leaders in Education video.

Creating a Culture for Success

Creating a Culture for Success (CCFS) aims to foster a transformative change in school culture. It includes an Educator Series and a School Leadership Series offered through both on-demand and live sessions.

The Educator Series focuses on classroom management techniques – from setting rules to efficient transitions. It also highlights self-care, addressing teacher stress and promoting mindfulness. Additionally, it emphasizes building trusting relationships and fostering job satisfaction. Complementing this, the School Leadership Series guides school leaders in cultivating a positive educational environment, emphasizing meaningful change and staff well-being.

Note that while the Educator Series is available in QuaverMusic, QuaverHealth•PE, and QuaverReady, the Leadership Series is specifically tailored for QuaverReady.

A group of team members joining hands in a circle alongside the Creating a Culture for Success Video Series overview.

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