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QuaverEd is Changing Elementary Education

We’re not your standard curriculum provider. Our family of brands goes beyond required standards to provide a thoughtfully-curated curriculum, extensive resources, and educator support.

Designed to benefit the Whole Child, each curriculum offers life-changing experiences not found in a textbook.

Music, movement, and creativity benefit all students and play an important role in learning. Each curriculum offers a multitude of resources that encourage participation, discussion, and collaboration.

Diversity and inclusion are emphasized throughout our lessons and activities to ensure all students are building confidence and self-esteem.  We aim to enrich the lives of all children with lessons that will last a lifetime.

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Meet Us at These Upcoming Events

Middle School Principals Conference
(March 4)

Join us at MSPA 2023 Conference in NYC! We’re thrilled to share how QuaverMusic’s Middle School program can bring music education to life in your school.

Elementary School Principals Convention
(March 25)

Meet us at the NYCESPA Convention in Brooklyn! Our team will be there to share how our family of curricula can enhance school culture and learning.

International Physical Literacy Conference
(May 2 -5)

We’re proud sponsors of the International Physical Literacy Conference. Find us at IPLC to see how QuaverHealth•PE can develop physical literacy in your school!

A Family of Curricula for Everyone

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Our PreK-8 music curriculum features 36 weeks of standards-aligned, customizable, digital resources.

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Help all students succeed with our powerful social and emotional curriculum perfect for school counselors and classroom teachers.

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Grow stronger bodies and minds with our K-5 curriculum built for anyone tasked with teaching Health and PE.

Resources for Your School Community

NYC Quaver Ed Teacher and student

Supporting Teachers

All QuaverEd educators can access high-quality instructional material through our accessible and easy-to-use platform. They’ll also find on-demand training, PD videos, professional learning, and webinars throughout the year.

Four Happy NYC Quaver Ed students

Engaging Students

Our resources reach students through interactive technology, movement-based activities, and fun songs. Students can engage in their learning by accessing QuaverEd at any time from any device.

NYC family looking through Quaver Ed Programs

Encouraging Families

With QuaverEd, you can easily involve families and communities in student learning. Teachers can share brain breaks, activities, and community projects to build skills at home.

Easy-to-use Spanish Resources

All QuaverEd products offer Spanish resources to reach dual-language learners. QuaverEd educators have access to over 370 Spanish versions of songs and animations that are age-appropriate and catchy.

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