QuaverMusic for West Virginia

Now more than ever our kids need you.

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Music, with its universal ability to bring us together – and to bring engagement to teaching and learning – is essential in the education of West Virginia’s children.

As you work to implement the CDC guidelines for returning to school in the fall, we know that elementary education will look different – in the music classroom and beyond.

Here are a few ways we are supporting districts:

General Music Education for Certified Music Teachers

Social Emotional Learning for School Counselors and General Classroom Teachers

Training for equipping 21st-century teachers

Quaver General Music K-8

General Music Curriculum

Quaver’s General Music resources for Grades PreK-8 are customizable, fully-digital, and meet NAfME standards for general music.

QuaverMusic Features for West Virginia Teachers:

  • Customize their lessons and send online assignments
  • Video Record themselves and send to students – great for modeling, encouraging, etc.
  • Give assessments that are automatically graded for quick feedback
  • Utilize the Quaver resources for online group instruction
Elementary student using a tablet to develop social-emotional skills in the classroom.

QuaverMusic Students Can:

  • Receive and complete assignments and assessments online
  • Compose and create using Quaver online apps like QComposer and QStrum
  • Explore games and activities that will enhance their learning
  • Record themselves singing or playing an instrument and send to their teacher for feedback

Cross-curricular activities and tools for the classroom or at a distance


Social and Emotional Learning Resources for West Virginia

Interactive and engaging resources for classroom teachers, school counselors, and interventionists, aligned to ASCA and CASEL standards to address the social and emotional needs of today’s students.

A complete year of engaging lessons for each grade level with a flexible 30-90 minutes of content per lesson

Activities are highly visual and infused with music, movement, and storytelling for guaranteed engagement

Tailored Professional Development

Prepare your educators for the challenges of today’s classroom.

Digital Events

Half- or full-day digital workshops are also available on a number of topics, including technology integration, curriculum planning, or distance teaching and learning!

Instructor leading a group of adults in a music training event.

On-Site Workshops

Our training team is standing by to tailor professional development workshops to meet your needs.

Meet your West Virginia Team

Khalid Daniels

As Director of Sales for West Virginia, I’m here to help you with any questions, from pricing and ordering to training and implementation in your district.

Please reach out to say hello if there’s anything I can do for you!

Email: khalid@quavered.com
Phone: 615-975-2030