Welcome Parents!

New to Quaver this year? Allow us introduce ourselves.

QuaverEd is an educational resource provider headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. With roots in Music City, we support teachers and students around the world, using music and technology to help them learn and grow together.

Your student may have been introduced to Quaver in music class, by a school counselor, or by a classroom teacher. Our core products include QuaverMusic for general music education and QuaverSEL for the development of social-emotional skills in any classroom!

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No matter how you found your way to Quaver, these resources should help you get started!

How to Log In

Depending on your school, you may log on to your Quaver resources one of two ways.

  1. Directly at QuaverEd.com
  2. In your student’s district portal

With both methods, you will need a Class Code from your student’s teacher. Once you have that simple code, follow the instructions below!

QuaverEd Log In

1. Visit QuaverEd.com and click Log In

If your student was provided a username and password at school (or has one from last year), they can enter that here!



2. If your child is new to Quaver, click Create an Account and select the product in use in your school

3. Complete the form with a username and password your child will remember, and enter the Class Code provided by your teacher.

District Portal Log In

If your district has integrated Quaver into an existing portal, then you’ll need to do a one-time account provisioning process to connect your student’s district account to Quaver.

1. Sign in to your district’s website or portal and search for “Quaver

2. If your student was provided a username and password at school (or has one from last year), they can select YES, I have a Quaver account.

2. Enter your account information and click Submit. This will link your pre-existing Quaver account with your district account. You will only have to do this once!

3. If your child is new to Quaver, click NO, I need a new account. and complete the steps to create a new account.



What Students See

Once logged into a QuaverEd account, students will see a Student Dashboard complete with assignments from their teacher and opportunities for self-guided exploration.

Returning students may wish to click Return to QuaverStreet to find the Quaver Street they remember from last year!

For more help with the Quaver Student Dashboard – check out this detailed help article!


Free Videos

You might also enjoy the free videos and fun on our YouTube channel!

More Questions? We’re here for you!