Valentine’s Day Lessons You’ll Love to Teach!

Celebrate love, friendship, and social and emotional growth with these remarkable resources from QuaverMusic!

QuaverMusic curriculum resources offer many engaging ideas for creating meaningful lessons on this special day! 

Let’s take a look at how you can use Quaver’s resources to explore friendship, celebrate love, and encourage social and emotional learning!

For All Grades

  • Download and print these punny Valentine’s Day cards! Students can color the cards, cut them out, and give them to someone at home or send a picture virtually a friend!

Download the cards here or find them in Resource Manager by searching Valentine’s Day.

  • Watch the Quaver video episode on “The Romantic Period.” Discuss the defining characteristics of this period with students. Play one of the songs that Quaver mentions in the episode. What kinds of emotions can students recognize within the song?

Find this episode in Resource Manager or in the Essentials Classroom: The Romantic Period.

For Younger Students

  • Use the ClassPlay song “You-Nique” to show students that while it’s wonderful that we express love to others, it’s also important that we show ourselves love. “You-Nique” reminds students that they are brave, strong, loved, and smart — just as they are.
Screen for You-Nique - Lyrics

Find this activity in ClassPlay by searching “You-Nique.”

  • Use “The Sun, the Star, and the Window” Story activity to reinforce the idea of being a good friend. We can show people we love them by saying kind things to each other, just like the Sun, the Star, and the Window did. Ask students how they feel when someone says something kind to them. You can even incorporate instruments into the activity. Ask students which instruments might represent the sun, the star, and the window.

Find this activity in Resource Manager or in Lesson 3 of the Pre–K Curriculum.

  • Use the ClassPlay song “Make New Friends” to explore friendship with your students. Sing along with the lyrics to the song and discuss what makes someone a good friend. Use “Learn the Parts” via the HUB for a fun Orff activity. This activity contains a three-part Orff arrangement that includes options for viewing with or without words, graphics, and notation. Once students have learned the melody to a song, they can begin to transfer the learning to speech, body percussion, and finally instruments.

Find this activity in ClassPlay by searching “Make New Friends.”

For Older Students

  • Use the ClassPlay song “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” to introduce a Scottish love song to students. Discuss the lyrics of the song and what emotions the singer might be feeling and why. You can even incorporate a cross-curricular connection! Using the HUB tab, select the Ocean Science activity. Students will discover scientific facts about the ocean. Did you know that whales sing love songs too?

Find this song in ClassPlay by searching “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”

  • Teach steady beat and make a science connection with the “Find Your Heartbeat,” activity, found in Lesson 2 of the First Grade Curriculum. Invite students to find their heartbeat. Is your heart a steady beat? Remind students that music can affect your heart on an emotional level. A person’s heart rate changes based on what music they’re listening to! If someone listens to an upbeat piece, it may excite them and increase their heartbeat. If they’re listening to a soothing violin, then they may feel calm and their heartbeat may slow down.

Find this activity in Resource Manager or in Lesson 2 of the First Grade Curriculum.


We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your students. Connect with us @QuaverMusic and let us know how these resources are working with your students!