Introducing QuaverHealth•PE!

QuaverEd’s latest online curriculum!

Our curriculum meets 100% of the 2022 Health and PE TEKS. Teachers can find all Health and PE resources in one place.

Our 196 lessons for grades K-5 address four dimensions of student health: physical, intellectual, social, and emotional

What do teachers love about QuaverHealth•PE?

“This has been the best start I have ever had as a PE teacher.”

– Sam Watkins, PE Teacher, Houston, TX

Why QuaverHealth•PE?

QuaverHealth•PE advances an innovative approach to teaching Health and PE. The multimedia resources, including movement videos and original songs, are highly engaging and interactive.

The lessons can be taught in different formats. Teachers are able to create and share their own resources and students can have their own accounts. 

Supplemental Resources

QuaverHealth•PE is more than a curriculum. We offer additional resources to reach students after the school day is over.

Our Community Resources provide educators with approved websites and suggestions for community visitors. Enrich students learning with fun school and community-wide projects!

QuaverHealth•PE knows the impact parents, caregivers, and guardians can have on in their children’s health activity. Parent Resources include several lessons that can be done from home!

More Coming Soon!

QuaverEd is currently offering Free Pilot Licenses to Texas school districts interested in trying out the curriculum and providing guidance on how it can be improved for the 2022 adoption.  Additions to the current curriculum that are coming in the next several months include:

  • 86 Physical Skills Videos. Teaches skills for throwing, catching, dribbling, jumping rope, running, maintaining balance, and much more.  These will be available in the Physical Skills Toolbox.
  • Revised Discussion Questions for Grades 4 and 5. Based on feedback received so far, we have revised the discussion questions for the older grades to more directly reflect the purpose and objectives of the lessons.


QuaverHealth•PE was designed with input from certified health and PE educators, medical professionals, and public health officials to ensure our health curriculum meets the same high-quality standards we set for all of our products.

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