“The Promise” and QuaverEd

QuaverEd is proud to sponsor the second season of the WPLN-NPR podcast “The Promise.” This season tells the story of the work towards providing a quality education for all children in one Nashville elementary school.

WPLN-NPR and QuaverEd both call Nashville, Tennessee home. In fact, students and teachers at Warner Elementary, which is featured in this season of the podcast “The Promise,” are a part of the QuaverEd family. Our teaching resources are used by multiple teachers across the school campus, and last year several employees organized a coat drive for the school. 

We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to sponsor reporter Meribah Knight’s work as she takes listeners inside the school — giving us all a front row seat to learn of the challenges of race, socio-economic disparities, and inequities and how they play out in the lives of our youngest students.  

The story of “The Promise” is based in Nashville — but the work is universal. It’s why our team of artists, animators, illustrators, writers, clinicians, recording artists, developers and customer service agents wake up each day: to support the educators who love our children. 

Warner Coat Drive
Warner Elementary Principal Dr. Ricki Gibbs, Music Teacher Brian Waldrop, and Quaver Instructional Coach Toni Garza at 2019 Coat Drive

We are listening alongside you, learning alongside you, and doing our best to support greater equity for all students. 

Promise Season 2

Please join us in listening to the podcast this season. To learn more about how QuaverEd creates a culture of caring in schools and to gain free access to Social and Emotional Learning resources for your PK-5 classroom, click here.