The Power of Positive Self-Talk!

QuaverSEL resources highlight positive self-talk and the power that the words we think and speak to ourselves hold!

Now more than ever, students may be experiencing a lot of new feelings and possibly even some negative thoughts. 

They might hear about distressing current events, experience disappointment when missing out on fun activities, or may feel anxious with the start of a new year. 

Today, we’re going to dig into a song that highlights positive self-talk. 

You’ll find this song in the SELMusic Library by searching “Don’t Let Thoughts Build Up.” This song explores the effects that our thoughts have on our feelings and actions. You might ask students to think about what negative thoughts they can identify in the song. Have they ever experienced a negative thought? How did it make them feel? 

Image of the QuaverSEL song "Don't Let the Thoughts Build Up"

After listening to the song a few times, head back to the Song Hub to discover several activities to use with the song. 

Positive Self-Talk

Image of the QuaverSEL activity Positive Self-Talk

This screen reinforces positive self-talk and how we can use it to remind ourselves that we are valuable. Positive self-talk also helps balance negative thoughts. As a class, discuss what positive words Francesca could say to herself to build her confidence and balance her negative thoughts.

Remind students that they can control negative thoughts and can replace them by speaking kindly to themselves.

Change Your Thoughts

Image of the QuaverSEL activity Change Your Thoughts

Change Your Thoughts explores the effects that our thoughts have on our feelings and actions by providing students an opportunity to practice reframing negative thoughts.

Students will press the yellow play button to listen to the scenario. The minus and plus signs either turn on the negative thought filter or the positive thoughts filter. Students can read the thought and then click the purple discussion button to consider the provided questions. 

For example:

  • How is Samir feeling when the negative thoughts filter is turned on? How is he feeling when the positive thought filter is turned on?
Image of the discussion portion of the QuaverSEL activity "Change Your Thoughts"


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