The Key to Teacher-Student Connection!

Now more than ever, teachers are looking for ways to engage their students at home. While out of the traditional classroom, teachers and students alike have had to get creative to connect with each other. 

Duncanville ISD students at Hastings Elementary in Texas have connected with their music teacher at home using Quaver resources. 

“Using the QuaverMusic curriculum, students are able to have their own individual account via ClassLink. While we are isolated now, it is more important than ever to connect with our students,” says Quaver Music teacher Robin O’Bier. 

An individual student account is the key to student success in distance learning!

Though there are a variety of ways to create student accounts with Quaver, Duncanville ISD uses the Single Sign On (SSO) method. Single Sign On allows users to log into Quaver through another platform or district portal such as Clever, ClassLink, Schoology, or Google. 

Learn more about using Single Sign On with Quaver resources.

Customizing with Quaver

Robin uses Quaver’s customization options like the Teacher Recording screen to make videos to greet her students, which she then adds to assignments that students can complete at home. She even uses different pairs of sunglasses in each video to get her students excited about learning music.

Student Response

“Students do the lesson online in Quaver, and at the end of the lesson, they are able to submit a video in response to the lesson,” says Robin. To do this, she uses the Student Recording screen so students can send her their own video. “Some students even wear their sunglasses in video submissions!” 

Student Tarrani Price uses the Student Recording screen.

Ms. O’Bier directs students to create a video submission with the prompt: “Music makes me feel…” Students use the Student Recording screen to respond to assignments, tied in with what they are learning that week. 

Student Aria Cortez shows how music makes her feel!

Student Levi Ausbie shows off his drumming skills with his found sound!

Robin also takes advantage of Quaver’s Music at Home assignments. In light of COVID-19, Quaver has developed a series of assignments that students and teachers could easily access. Quaver filled this “Master Class” with digital assignments to address a number of general music topics. This selection of activities was chosen to help support e-learning situations for grades K-8. 

Expressing Emotion with Music

She is also able to use a combination of Quaver resources and outside resources to create custom lessons that focus on social and emotional learning. 

For Robin, now more than ever, it’s important to remind students that it’s okay to feel any emotions they might be feeling—and that music can help.

“I loved ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.’ Like Mr. Rogers, I want all students to know that they are important just the way they are,” says Robin.

“Mr. Rogers once expressed that when he got upset, he liked to play his piano. We all have emotions, but we must express them in a healthy way. One way we can do that is through music.”  


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