Teacher Talk: Dance Your Stress Away!

As a new school year begins, anxiety is a common emotion among teachers and students. How can we combat these feelings of stress and worry?

We’re excited to feature some tips from QuaverEd Curriculum Specialist Ashley Perry.

Today, Ashley shows us how movement can establish a social and emotional connection with students and relieve stress.


Can you believe the end of summer is near?

As the world anticipates the structure of the new school year, feelings of nervousness, worry, and concern are all being experienced. In order to manage those feelings, why not get up and dance?

Dancing and other forms of movement relieve stress and are healthy for the body. It also boosts endorphins. Endorphins release positive feelings throughout your body! 

In these uncertain times, we need ways to manage our moods and our physical health. Try taking at least five minutes at the start of your day and begin it with a dance. See how you feel afterwards!

When I taught in the classroom, during our morning meeting, we had a class song and dance. When I played the song, students went to their spots, danced, sang, and afterwards lined up to switch classes. On days that I would forget to play the song, I would quickly be reminded to play it and to get up and dance with my students! They enjoyed this moment of the day. 

I also incorporated dance into concepts that I would teach, which immediately caused students to be more engaged in the lesson. Starting the day with a song and dance became our class tradition and a class routine that the students enjoyed. It was also an opportunity not only to move but also to establish a social and emotional connection between me and the students and the students with each other. 

I challenge you to research a new dance, learn it, and try it! Then, incorporate the new dance into your morning routine with students or parts of your lesson. Whatever you do, think of all the benefits dancing can do not just for you and your students, but the overall community culture of your classroom. 

Until then, get up, put on your sunglasses, turn on some music, and dance to the tune of summer!

Try It with Your Students!

Check out the QuaverSEL song, “Count On Me” and use Ashley’s dance moves from the video below with your students!

You can find “Count On Me” in the SEL Music Library in your QuaverSEL account.


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