Teacher Account Issues

I would like to reset my password.

Visit this page to reset your password. Enter your Username. If an email address was specified upon account creation, a password reset email will be sent.


When does my current Quaver license expire?

Log in to the Teacher Dashboard, open the Help menu, and select Preferences to see all your relevant Account Info.

For renewal quote information, please reach out to your Quaver Director of Sales. Visit this page to Find Your Quaver Rep.


What is SSO, and how can I use it with my Quaver account?

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to log into Quaver through another platform or district portal, such as Clever, ClassLink, Schoology, or Google. Consult your district IT to determine if an SSO Integration is possible or exists, or contact Implementation@QuaverEd.com for help to set one up.

For more information on SSO and Rostering, visit this link.


Do you offer other products for my classroom?

QuaverEd offers a family of four products:

At QuaverEd, our mission is to equip educators to engage today’s students in academic, social, and emotional learning. We have created thousands of curriculum resources for teachers to reach their students with the knowledge, mindsets, and skills they need to be successful citizens—in and out of the classroom.

Try any of the QuaverEd curriculum FREE for 30 Days!

To learn how Quaver can help increase the student impact in your school, reach out to your Quaver Director of Sales. Visit this page to Find Your Quaver Rep.


How can a substitute teacher use Quaver while I’m out?

There are two methods to provide Quaver access to your substitute teacher:

  1.  You can change your password and provide the substitute teacher with your login information. Visit this page to reset your password and provide the account credentials to your substitute. Upon your return, reset your password.
  2.  Create a Student Account and use Quaver’s Assignments tools to allow access to your desired lessons.


What are QuaverNotes? Where can I see my account’s QuaverNote balance?

Each QuaverMusic account (for students and teachers) has a unique Avatar character that can be customized with clothing, instruments, and other features. QuaverNotes are the virtual currency that user accounts may accrue and spend to customize their Avatar.

To view your account’s QuaverNotes balance, follow these steps:

  • Login and navigate to Quaver Street.
  • Click your Avatar character.
  • Peruse the clothing, accessories, and other custom feature options.
  • Select an item for purchase, and your QuaverNotes balance will appear at checkout!

At this time, Avatars and QuaverNotes are available only to QuaverMusic teacher accounts, QuaverMusic student accounts, and QuaverSEL student accounts.


How can teachers view district colleagues’ shared lessons in the Resource Manager?

To find shared content in the Resource Manager:

  • Teachers on your district license can search in their own account for your name or the lesson/assignment title.

  • They can also browse all shared resources from the Resource Sets > Custom Resources (left panel).

To use shared content:

  • Teachers can drag and drop shared lessons/assignments into their own folder structure, creating a copy they can further customize and use.

If shared lessons do not appear:

  • Verify that you and/or your district colleagues have followed the correct steps to share a custom lesson or assignment.

If shared materials still do not appear:


I made Custom Lessons and Assignments in my account. Do I need to SAVE them year to year?

All custom content will remain in your Quaver account from school year to school year. As long as you do not delete your custom items, they will be there in your Resource Manager!

We encourage teachers to devise a Resource Folder structure and label system that organizes older materials and sets things up for the coming year. Check out our QuaverPD videos for advice on organizing folders in the Resource Manager.

Many teachers organize and label their folders by grade level, grading period, unit topic, month, season, etc. Folders can be clicked, dragged, and dropped as you wish.


What is QuaverEd’s Privacy Policy?

As a digital education platform and service provider, QuaverEd interacts with a variety of sensitive data. Our Privacy Policy describes how QuaverEd collects, utilizes, stores, transfers, and destroys sensitive data securely. 

QuaverEd has a robust data security program in place to ensure the protection of the data we handle and to comply with all legal regulations, including FERPA and COPPA. We have a comprehensive data security manual detailing procedures for data collection, use, storage, transfer, destruction, and security incident response. All QuaverEd employees with access to sensitive data undergo criminal background checks, attend annual data security training, and sign confidentiality agreements. 

Any questions regarding QuaverEd’s data security practices can be directed to privacydirector@QuaverEd.com.


I’m ready to use Quaver! What are the Terms of Use?

Welcome to the Quaver family! We’re excited to be a part of your Seriously Fun educational journey! We encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Please create a QuaverEd account or otherwise use the QuaverEd resources only if you agree to be legally bound by all terms and conditions herein. Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions creates a legally binding contract between you and QuaverEd.