Student Account Issues

I would like to reset my student’s password.

There are two methods to reset the password for your student’s account.

  1. You or your student may visit the Password Reset Page and enter the Student Account QuaverName. If an email address was specified upon account creation, a password reset email will be sent with next steps for secure password reset. The password set here will be the permanent account password moving forward.

A Quaver teacher may visit Student Admin > Student Accounts > right-click a student > click Edit Student to see a purple button to Reset Student Password. The password set here will be a temporary account password. Immediately upon the next login, the student will be prompted to create a new, permanent account password.

I’ve given my student an Assignment, but their Assignments icon is grayed out (inactive). What should I do?

If you are able to confirm that an active Assignment has been given to a Quaver Class, an inactive Assignments icon would indicate that the student is not logging into the correct account.

The first step would be to confirm that your student is enrolled in the correct Quaver Class. Verify that they are listed in Student Admin > Student Accounts.

The second step would be to double check that the student is logging in to the correct QuaverName account (or SSO account) with the correct password. 

If the student logs in through SSO and is unable to view Assignments you gave their Class, please reach out to your school district IT team to ensure they have correctly linked the student’s Quaver and SSO accounts.

Where can my students see their account’s QuaverNote balance?

Each QuaverMusic account (for students *and* teachers) has a unique Avatar character that can be customized with clothing, instruments, and other features. QuaverNotes are the virtual currency that user accounts may accrue and spend to customize their Avatar.

 A student may view their account’s QuaverNote balance, by following these steps:

  • Login and navigate to the Student Dashboard
  • Click the Avatar character
  • Peruse the clothing, instruments, and other custom feature options
  • Select an item for purchase, and your QuaverNote balance will appear at checkout!

At this time, it is not possible for a user account (teacher or student) to view the QuaverNote balance of another user account (teacher or student).

Avatars and QuaverNotes are only available to QuaverMusic teacher accounts, QuaverMusic student accounts, and QuaverSEL student accounts.