The proof is in the words of the educators who have witnessed the incredible impact of QuaverSEL first-hand.

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Teacher Cindy Fuentes inset over Quaver SEL song called I Think I Can Do It

“My students love all of the songs, stories, and activities that we study each week through our morning warm-up with QuaverSEL.”

– Cindy Fuentes · Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FL

“In my standalone SEL class, I only see students once a week for 60 minutes. Being able to focus attention with a song or video and then discuss is a helpful tool.”

Tad Sekeres · Metro Nashville Public Schools, TN

Teacher Tad Sekeres inset over a screen from Quaver SEL that he uses with his students called We Should be Friends
School Counselor Heather Eskridge inset over a screen from QuaverSEL that she uses with her students to develop Healthy Friendships

“My students absolutely love the QuaverSEL activities, and I can see the impact on their social skills daily. In my 22 years of being a school counselor, I have not seen another program with Quaver’s level of quality and depth.”

Heather Eskridge · Rutherford County Schools, TN

“QuaverSEL’s songs and lessons on bullying and dealing with stress have been a gift and a God-send, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. They’re a real game-changer.”

Kevin Strang · Grapevine, TX

Kevin Strang Teacher Testimonial