Program Features

QuaverSEL serves the needs of counselors and classroom teachers in all teaching environments.

  • Lesson content is easy to adapt to daily or weekly lessons
  • Educators can also create custom interventions from a library of resources
  • Students can access activities anywhere, anytime to support in-person, remote, or hybrid learning

For School Counselors

Weekly Lessons

  • 30-45 minute lessons offer a sequenced approach to one grade-appropriate SEL topic
  • Lessons are aligned to ASCA mindset and behaviors
  • Ready-to-use in whole group setting or adapt for meetings with smaller groups

QuaverSEL Lesson Selection Menu on a Laptop

Peace Corner Scripts and Intervention Tools from Quaver SEL

Flexible Interventions

  • Lessons support PBIS and MTSS through engaging and interactive screens
  • Resources can be sequenced in a personalized digital assignment for Tier II or III needs
  • Use physical materials, like Peace Corner Scripts to create a calm down area combining on and offline intervention options

For Classroom Teachers

Student and Teacher work together on whiteboard activity involving types of mountains.

Daily Activities

  • Use one or two activities from each lesson for a 5-10 minute SEL moment
  • Great for use in a morning gathering – setting the tone for the day with SEL work
  • Also helpful as transitions between subjects or when students need to refocus throughout the day

Support for At-Home Application

  • Free student accounts enable access to a Learn-at-Home portal full of resources for self-directed student use or with a parent or guardian
  • Custom assignments, complete with video instruction and assessments, help teachers deliver personalized support to individual students

Flexible Lesson Pacing

QuaverSEL can be taught as a sequenced weekly lesson or divided into short daily activities.

Chart comparing 5 minutes per day with a single lesson each week

Library of Standalone Resources

QuaverSEL’s Resource Manager houses a searchable library and customization portal where educators can:

  • Adapt existing QuaverSEL lessons to meet their needs
  • Search for activities based on SEL topic, student emotion, or intervention need
  • Create resources from scratch including interactive quizzes, slideshows, and video screens
Image of Over the shoulder visual of teacher planning a lesson on social-emotional learning using web-based curriculum resources.

Free Student Accounts

Image of three female students gathered around a device

With a free, personal QuaverEd account, every student in your school can:

  • Access custom assignments on any device with an internet connection
  • Connect with teachers and counselors through video and messaging for truly remote learning
  • Access tools to help manage their emotions at home in their Learn-at-Home portal

Meaningful Assessment Data

QuaverSEL includes a number of tools to help teachers measure student development of SEL skills:

  • Our digital assessment monitor tracks student skill development in each competency
  • The QuaverEd GradeBook tracks student attendance as a measure of engagement during remote or hybrid learning
  • Administrators have access to subjective survey data to inform decision making

Quaver SEL Assessment Monitor

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