The Assessment section of Student Admin includes an adaptable Assessment Monitor to support teachers in tracking a child’s progress toward set learning and development goals throughout the year.


Select the purple dropdown arrow at the top of the Assessment dashboard to select a class.

The left side of the screen displays each student in the selected class. Select a student’s name to open their Assessment Monitor.

The right side of the screen contains the Assessment Monitor, where you can track student progress by domain and assess outcomes.

Select Show Archived Classes to view archived classes. Learn how to create a new class here.


On the left-hand side of your Assessment Monitor dashboard, you will find the list of students enrolled in your selected class. To view archived students, click Menu.

Edit Student Details

Right-click on a student’s name to edit their name or student ID. Select Archived if you wish to archive a student. Click SAVE to save your edits.

Show Archived Students

To show archived students, click Menu and select Show Archived Students. This will pull up a list of any students who were marked as Archived while in editing mode. Return to your current class list by clicking Menu, and unchecking the Show Archived Students option.

Assessment Monitor

Assessing Student Progress

To assess an individual student’s progress, select the student name on the left-hand side of the dashboard. This will pull up that student’s individual assessment data in the center section of the screen. Along the top of the center section, you will see the student’s identification information: his or her Picture, First Name, Last Name, Student ID (if applicable), and whether or not the student is marked as Archived.

Domains and Outcomes

Below the identification information, you will be able to view assessment data for each of the domains (CASEL competencies.) 

The Domains dropdown menu will allow you to view each of the 5 CASEL competencies. 

Under the selected Domain, you’ll see various outcomes where you can assess the student in more detail. These outcomes represent the skills and sub-competencies associated with each domain. 

Recording an Assessment

Use the rubric to the right of the Outcome to record an observation of the student’s skill acquisition. Select Approaching, On Target, or Advanced by clicking a cell. Make a selection to accurately describe the student’s current ability when demonstrating the selected skill.

This will generate a timestamp beneath the Outcome or Breakout. The timestamp indicates when the child was assessed on the selected Outcome as well as the score on that assessment date, as indicated by the color-coding.

Collecting Evidence

In addition to the rubric data, you may also choose to provide additional evidence of the student’s progress. Click the gray plus sign in the Evidence column to add visual evidence (for example a video or photo) along with anecdotal notes.

Assessment History

The History dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen will allow you to view past assessments. Click on a date to view past assessment data. Click on NEW to make additional assessments on the current date.


To view a full report of a students progress, click the orange Reports button. Here you will see a full view of a students progress across all Domain areas. The colors indicated what rubric assessment was selected on the date of assessment. The numbers on each color-coded block indicate how many Outcomes were assessed within the Domain. The percentage on the right-hand side indicates the percentage of total assessed Outcomes.